Looking At 2020: Is Your Contact Center Really Customer-Centric?

Everyone talks about customer centricity, but few brands are delivering. Only 12% of customers have witnessed serious improvements to the CX; onl11% believe brand even care. 

The time has come to start walking the talk. This webinar will help. 

We’ll look at some key trends for 2020 – personalization, AI, omnichannel, customer analytics, agent empowerment, cloud technology, and more – and reveal how to take the most customer-centric, productive action possible. You’ll build a true culture of customer centricity: one defined by action rather than words.  

Topics include: 

  • What will omnichannel look like in 2020? 
  • What content do you need to personalize the experience? 
  • Does your contact center environment support customer centricity? 

Meet the Speakers

Webinar randy carter

Randy Carter
Product Marketing Director