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Effortless AI: An AI-Adoption Model for Customer Experience

Understanding the significance of leveraging AI technology to enhance CX in the modern business landscape.

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Ai adoption model v2

Adopting artificial intelligence (AI) for customer experience (CX) enhancement isn’t just an option — it’s a necessity. To stand out, companies must adeptly implement AI. However, the challenge lies in leveraging the transformative power of AI and in knowing where to begin. 

Our framework-based approach to AI adoption balances short-term value realization with long-term strategy. In each step of this model, you’ll adopt capabilities that deliver quick returns while laying the groundwork for even greater value later. 

Join us for a webinar as we address: 

  • A progressive five-step AI adoption model 
  • The key parameters for AI selection in CX 
  • How organizations can expedite time to value with AI implementation 
  • Why point solutions are insufficient for CX enhancement 
  • Whether your data (and your customers’ data) is securely managed 

Meet the Speakers

James walford

James Walford
Senior Director, Global Innovation

Teresa conahan

Michael Logan
Strategic Director Innovation