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Venesa Musovic Guillaume
Lead Editor, Customer
Experience Magazine
Dennis Wakabayashi
Chief Collaboration Officer,
Team Wakabayashi
Ginger Conlon
Thought Leadership Director,

Customer Experience Horizons

The future of CX is here.
Get ready for what’s next.

One-third of consumers switched brands in the past year after a negative customer experience. As their expectations for seamless assisted and unassisted customer experience (CX) continue to rise, businesses are under enormous pressure to innovate and optimize customer engagement.

“Customer Experience Horizons” is a new report by MIT Technology Review Insights that explores how businesses across industries will rethink the future of CX, the value proposition for employees and the role of the contact center.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Build a foundation of journey-based insights to power your contact center
  • Pinpoint high-impact opportunities to remove friction and enhance contact center performance
  • Design and build seamless automated and guided journeys to improve customer and employee experiences
  • Scale your journey insights program using purpose-built technology