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CCaaS and EHR Integrations: Improving Patient Outcomes and Care Team Experience

In today’s healthcare landscape, it is more important than ever to have a communication platform that seamlessly integrates with your EHR (Electronic Health Records) system.  In this webinar, we discuss the benefits of integrating CCaaS (contact center as a service) and EHR systems.

Watch the recording to see the key benefits of integration:

  • Efficiently route patients to the right resource 
  • Provide real-time patient data for informed decisions 
  • Empower patients through self-service for up to 25% higher satisfaction 
  • Streamline care management from access to follow-up 
  • Equip agents for quicker issue resolution 
  • Boost care team satisfaction with less training 
  • Shorter calls, no information repetition 

Meet the Speaker

Tara mahoney webinar image

Tara Mahoney
Managing Director, Global Healthcare Industry