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Banking customer centricity with journey analytics

Some leaders think customer journeys are a series of clicks on the website or steps in a process or workflow. Most firms believe that journeys are something they can control. Customer experience (CX) leaders attempt to steer consumers from point A to B to C to improve internal metrics like AUM, self-services rates, cost to serve and more.

But consumers have their own goals in mind, like refinancing their home or disputing a fraudulent charge. Some clients will use multiple channels, and some will rely on only one to complete the same transaction.

The way you measure customer journeys matters. And aligning customer goals with your institution’s objectives is a strategic imperative.

Watch this webinar to learn:

  • Why measuring journeys – rather than siloed interactions – is crucial in today’s experience economy
  • How to use journey analytics to improve CX measurement and orchestration
  • How journey analytics enables you to establish a link between CX and business outcomes

Meet the Speakers

Stefan kauck webinar

Stefan Kauck
Banking Industry Executive

Jamie green 180×180

Jamie Green
Enterprise Sales Director

David edelman

David Edelman
Executive Advisor
Independent Board Member
Harvard Business School Lecturer

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Alex Pugh
FinTech Futures