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8 Trends Reshaping CX in 2022 and Beyond

A keen focus on customer — and employee — experience is the biggest differentiator organizations have today. Delivering these relevant and empathic experiences at scale requires understanding the shifts driving change in CX and employee experience today. Join us as CX leaders from Genesys, Qualtrics’ XM Institute, Valuegraphics and others discuss the coming impact of these trends, as well as what you need to do not only to respond to them but also to get ahead of and harness them.

In this session, you’ll learn how:

    • AI will better orchestrate customer journeys
    • The contact center will evolve into a full engagement center
    • Companies will rethink their CX metrics
    • Businesses will engage CX employees based on empathy

Meet the Speakers

Claire beatty webinar image

Claire Beatty
Senior Director of Thought Leadership

Ginger conlon podcast image

Ginger Conlon
Thought Leadership Director



Also hear from:

Don Peppers, CX Speakers; Mila D’Antonia, Omdia; Olivier Jouve, Genesys Cloud CX; Bruce Temkin, Qualtrics XM Institute; David Allison, Valuegraphics; John Gamberoni, Accenture; and Brett Weigl, Genesys AI & Digital.

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