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Americans crave the right mix in internet cookie use

Explore consumers’ hunger for personalization and distaste for inaccurate ads

Americans are mixed on web cookie use

From trust to regret, American consumers express wide-ranging attitudes when it comes to the use of internet cookies. Some find cookies valuable in enabling personalization, while others find misguided cookie-driven ads frustrating, according to a new Genesys research study of 1,000 US consumers.

Nearly half (46%) of Americans were frustrated with ads that make inaccurate assumptions about them. Nearly 80% of respondents wished they could delete data after a service or transaction is complete. And 63% wished they could “reset” the amount of information that’s known about them online.

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In this white paper, you’ll:

  • Discover what Americans value most when it comes to online personalization
  • Learn what frustrates American consumers the most about internet ads
  • See what consumers crave regardless of the cookie’s fate