Opus Research Report:

Conversational Intelligence Intelliview

Evaluating firms that surface insights from first party-data

Conversational Intelligence has taken on first-order importance among customer experience, contact center, and digital transformation professionals as a fundamental business asset. In this report, Opus Research evaluates the products, services, positioning, and potential of firms that show leadership in helping enterprises surface insights from first-party data and make the most of Conversational Intelligence.

Who should use this report?

  • Executives in charge of digital marketing and transformation should pay close attention to solutions that save time, money and resources involved in monitoring and extracting meaning from conversations over digital channels.
  • Contact center and customer experience administrators will find value in solutions where results lead to cost savings from greater efficiencies without decrementing key measures of customer satisfaction.
  • Chief revenue officers and sales executives will attach greatest importance to end-to-end solutions that detect and identify the personnel or conversations that represent speed bumps in your sales processes.
  • Marketing executives look for solutions that generate insights that help hone advertising spending, promotional efforts, and channel strategies.

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