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PureCloud is committed to excellent experiences for all our customers. Our system is designed and tested to perform at the highest levels, and our platform architecture is built for stability and expedient recovery. But even with our continuing vigilance things can (and do) go wrong, so we offer several ways for you to get the support you need.

You can always check live PureCloud operational, system availability, and incident information at PureCloud Status.

Additional details and contact information for interacting with Customer Care is available on

Support response and restoration

Setting severity levels

Outage reporting calls are prioritized and handled according to severity level, which the Technical Support team will assign upon receipt of a request. The Support team aims to respond to each ticket within our target initial response times and reach resolution within our target restoration times.

Ensuring availability

PureCloud Support is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and uses commercially reasonable best efforts to provide 100% uptime, except for: (i) occasional planned downtime at non-peak hours (for which we will provide advance notice); or (ii) any unavailability caused by circumstances beyond our reasonable control, including failure or delay of your Internet connection, misconfiguration by you or any third party acting on your behalf, issues on your network, or telecommunications services contracted directly by you.

Issue Severity Definition Target Restoration Time
1—Critical Impact (Code Red) The customer is experiencing a severe problem resulting in an inability to perform a critical business function. There is no workaround. PureCloud mean time to restore is 2 hours.
2—High Impact The customer is able to perform job functions but performance is degraded or severely limited. PureCloud mean time to restore is 2 days.
3—Medium Impact The customer’s ability to perform job functions is largely unaffected, but noncritical functions or procedures are unusable or hard to use. A workaround is available. PureCloud mean time to restore is 5 days.
4—Low Impact The customer is experiencing minimal system impact. Concerns include feature requests and other non-critical questions. Continuous updates with an ETA provided when available.

We can’t say enough about the value our PureCloud services have brought us—from improved service to increased efficiencies. It will certainly be a selling point in the future as we potentially expand the properties we service.—Universal Protection Service

Professional services that fit your unique needs

Self start with online resources

If you’re comfortable getting up and running without assistance, we provide a host of self-start materials to get you there, including online training modules and web-based enablement events.

Get guidance with QuickStart

QuickStart provides deployment support for customers who need a jumpstart to get going. You get rapid service activation and coaching that enables you to own the solution going forward. All services are performed via video and screen-share conferences by Genesys employees who work hand-in-hand with your key resources.

Enhanced Professional Support

Pay-per-ticket with the Enhanced Professional Support option. You can purchase support from directly inside PureCloud, then use it immediately or save for a future need. Use your support for any issue, including non-emergency situations.

Premier Success Services

Rest easy with 24/7 emergency phone support, priority support queuing, enablement events and webinars with live question-and-answer sessions. Work with a dedicated services manager and an assigned support team. We offer four levels of subscription  so your business can find the perfect fit.

PureCloud Partner Ecosystem

Find your perfect match among our diverse PureCloud Partner Directory. The right provider can help you buy, implement, service, support and add value to the PureCloud Platform.

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