June 7, 2022 – Duration: 30:18

S2 Ep. 11 Customer journey management — the next step in CX evolution

In a recent Harvard Business Review study, 82% of customer experience (CX) leaders agree that understanding the quality of the customer experience at key milestones is important to their organization’s business strategy. But traditional CX metrics typically focus on interactions and channels, not journey milestones. And, on its own, Net Promoter Score can’t always pinpoint what’s working and what’s not. That’s where journey management comes in. In this episode, Steve Offsey, VP of Marketing at Pointillist, and Claire Beatty, Senior Director of Thought Leadership at Genesys , define customer journey management and explain why it matters. Through journey measurement, optimization and orchestration, organizations can identify root causes of customer frustration and proactively course-correct to improve the customer experience and drive better business outcomes — in real time.



Claire Beatty

Senior Director, Thought Leadership

Claire leads Thought Leadership for Genesys, writing about innovation across the customer journey, digital transformation, AI and the future of work. She previously held editorial roles at MIT Technology Review and the Economist Intelligence Unit. Claire is from the UK and now lives in Nairobi, Kenya.


Steve Offsey

Vice President of Marketing

Steve oversees the marketing of customer journey analytics and orchestration solutions at Genesys. Prior to its acquisition by Genesys, he was VP Marketing at Pointillist, a provider of an award-winning customer journey management platform that enables organizations to deliver frictionless, connected and personalized experiences. Earlier in his career, Steve was CMO and GM Products at TandemSeven (acquired by Genpact), VP Marketing at AIR Worldwide (acquired by Verisk) and VP Products at Verbind (acquired by SAS Institute). Over the past 20 years, he’s helped customer experience, marketing and analytics professionals address a variety of challenges across customer experience, journey management and marketing analytics. Steve earned an MBA and Ph.D. from Cornell and a B.S. from MIT.

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