Around the World in a Day: Introducing Virtual Xperience

As we all try to find the meaning in what’s been happening in the world for the past three months, one resounding message is the incredible sense of community that exists between our customers, our partners and our company. We’ve been so touched and inspired by these stories, such as how rapidly our customers have enabled thousands of employees to work from home, or how organizations are finding new ways to pivot into modes of work that allow them to sustain their business operations.

The current crisis accelerates our need to innovate — making the most of the power of the cloud, harnessing artificial intelligence (AI) to handle higher customer volumes and creating new experiences that directly support the way consumers are living at the moment. Behind the scenes, we’ve seen collaboration between our customers in a way that we never could have predicted; in the spirit of community, we’ve facilitated conversations between disparate organizations (athleisure retailers and industry conglomerates — who knew they had so much in common?). And we’ve even seen competitors swapping notes as the reality sets in that we’re all in this together.

That’s why we’re also pivoting so we can continue to offer the important learning opportunities you want. On May 20th, we’ll activate our global community in a day-long series of virtual sessions and meetings called “Virtual Xperience.” This virtual event occurs at the time of our originally planned Xperience 20202 conference — but with a very different approach. We’ll host rolling sessions and discussions for 20 hours straight.

Virtual Xperience is free to join – just register here. You’ll have a chance to learn first-hand how different organizations are adjusting to this new normal and ensuring business continuity. Our speaker list features customers who will share how they’ve coped with the challenges of COVID-19. We hope this will foster learning and sharing across the customer experience community so you can confidently navigate the uncertainty of the new world in which we’re all operating.

As we adapt to our online and virtual work modes, we’ve heard from you that there’s still a great appetite for in-person events — when the time is right. So, I hope you’ll join us at our rescheduled three-day Xperience event to November 17-20, 2020, at Gaylord Palms in Orlando.

Please take every caution and care as we shelter the COVID-19 storm; we look forward to brighter days ahead together.