Redefine retail customer experiences with Genesys Cloud and AWS


Reimagine the retail experience

Today’s retailers range from small high-end specialty brands to large mega warehouses. No matter their size, they all deliver customer experiences (CX). And to do that, they require leading CX technology to empower their contact center agents, managers, employees and more.

With the right CX solutions, it’s easy to ensure every interaction is handled efficiently and effectively. Even with large call volumes, you can route interactions to available agents with all the right information and context to resolve their inquiry. The Genesys Cloud™ platform on Amazon Web Services (AWS) makes it possible.

Enable omnichannel shopping

Orchestrate experiences within customers’ preferred channels, including chat, text, email, voice and self-service. And escalate interactions to an agent when needed.

Gather and use journey analytics

Provide real-time access to customer insights for agents, staff and managers. Use transactional and behavioral data to design better predictive experiences.

Leverage the power of the cloud

Deliver consistent service no matter your call volume on resilient AWS infrastructure. Respond to orders and chats with AI-powered intelligence and automation.

Leading retailers trust Genesys and AWS

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Learn from industry experts and customers

Rethink your retail support and service

Deliver end-to-end experience orchestration across all channels with Genesys Cloud built on AWS. Give customers self-service tools so they can easily find the information, such as order status and shipping updates, without ever connecting with a live agent. And transfer the interaction with complete context when additional support is needed. Request a demo today to get started.

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