The Experience Index by Genesys

A new people-centric and actionable approach to measure, benchmark and improve experiences.

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Discover your company’s untapped potential

Managing the experience your company delivers can be a near-impossible task. Traditional approaches fall short in three core areas.


Inward-looking measurement

Metrics like customer satisfaction (CSAT), Net Promoter Score (NPS) and customer effort score (CES) don’t always ask the right questions. And these can assume what matters to the experience receiver.


Isolated data collection

Traditional approaches often occur at a transactional level, failing to cover the full journey. A single touchpoint isn’t always representative of sentiment and might leave true issues undiscovered.


Inconclusive insights

Relying on verbatims without in-depth analysis doesn’t give you a clear understanding of how to improve. This can make it difficult and time consuming to tie experience metrics to KPIs and make business improvements.

Get a competitive, research-based advantage with the Experience Index

Experience orchestration is at the heart of Genesys. Understanding experiences is critical to orchestrating them. For years, we’ve used the Experience Index by Genesys to optimize how we interact with customers and employees. Now, we’ve made this methodology available to help all companies create memorable experiences and build loyalty.

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The Experience Index puts people first. Subject matter experts have conducted hundreds of interviews and focus groups to understand what matters to specific audiences during certain experiences.


The Experience Index dives into key aspects within every phase of an experience. This method supports employees from recruiting through offboarding, and consumers from awareness to loyalty.

Actionable benchmarks

Get data across company functions, channels, experience aspects and more. See how you stack up against peers, keep ahead of industry trends, and deliver what matters to customers and employees.

Pinpoint exactly what to improve for employees and customers

Let our industry benchmarks uncover real insights for your organization, just like it uncovered these:

Remote agents experience system challenges

Remote agents in the US scored their customer interaction experiences six points below benchmark, stemming largely from the view that not everything needed to support customers is available in one place or system.

Hybrid employees score higher in development

In terms of professional development, hybrid employees had the highest overall scores. Having time for trainings was four points above benchmark, and almost eight points higher for hybrid versus remote.

Customers and employees both struggle with email

Customers and agents both had deeply negative experiences with email (-5 and -8, respectively), the second most common interaction type by volume for both groups.

See what our customers have to say

“The Genesys Experience Index focuses on the employee journey lifecycle, which gives us a totally different perspective as we would rarely probe into these types of questions.”

— Customer – Retail Industry

“The Genesys Experience Index gives us insights into data that we wouldn’t have been able to see on our own. We can dissect the data into actionable results for our teams with the ease of multiple views and filters.”

— Customer – Technology Industry