Service Tasmania

Supporting surging customer demand with Genesys in partnership with QPC

Service Tasmania is a one-stop access point to a wide range of government services for residents of the island state. Created in 2012, the organisation operates through a network of shopfronts, a website and a contact centre.

When initially established, Service Tasmania’s contact centre comprised little more than a basic switchboard. Staff had to manage incoming phone calls and access needed information from a variety of databases. Though this had worked well for the organisation initially, as call volumes began to increase, a need for a more flexible and scalable solution was realised. In late 2014, a decision was taken to issue a tender for a new contact centre platform. A number of alternatives were examined before the selection panel decided to adopt PureConnect by Genesys.


  • Agents offer better service to incoming calls by processing requests via one screen
  • Busy periods for in-person interactions are better managed with more data collected
  • Customers receive similar service levels on any channel they use

We are probably only using around 5 per cent of the functionality of the PureConnect by Genesys platform so far, but we know it has capabilities that can support us for years to come. Our call volumes are increasing at the rate of 11 per cent each year and so having the ability to efficiently scale is very important.

Ross Hinkley, Assistant Director, Service Tasmania

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  • Current platform lacked flexibility and scalability to support rapid growth, especially in call volumes
  • Unable to manage customer queues or collect data on wait times, transaction types and the length of visits
  • Wanted to manage the allocation of staff to ensure that customer service levels were maintained—online and in-person

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