Elevating IT and BPO service delivery worldwide

At Unisys, thousands of support agents consistently deliver excellent IT service experiences — handling 20 million contacts annually. Unisys clients have seven channels to choose from through the Genesys Cloud™ platform — Microsoft Teams, Google Chat, voice, web messaging, email, SMS and a portal — with all conversations efficiently managed from a single agent desktop. The platform enables Unisys to uphold its commitments to improved employee engagement, faster user support, smarter artificial intelligence (AI) and automation outcomes, and enhanced insight through analytics.


legacy systems retired

More than $2 million

expected lifetime savings

20 million interactions

handled annually

Five months to migrate

multiple client organisations and thousands of agents over 12 global locations

3 million

monthly API calls and growing

Added two more

support channels for a total of seven

Effective hybrid working is a top priority for our clients. So, we wanted a cloud platform that delivered faster user support services, was highly secure and reliable, and accelerated innovation. Genesys does that and more. The fact it’s built on AWS, a brand our customers know and understand, helps as well.

— Aron Meyer, Solution Architect, Digital Workplace Solutions, Unisys

Pioneering integration for seamless IT solutions

Unisys is committed to fostering innovation and facilitating breakthroughs for organisations worldwide. As a prominent global service provider, the company’s IT solutions are mindfully crafted to seamlessly integrate not only with its internal delivery infrastructure, but also with a multitude of distinct client systems operating within separate networks and security domains.

At the core of its contact center operations lies a 24/7 help desk that upholds stringent, penalty-bearing availability targets. Unisys excels in managing service requests and delivering critical frontline technical services, ensuring that downtime or outages are simply non-negotiable.

Enabling excellence through customer-centric innovation

Unisys agents are the backbone of the company’s remarkable track record, efficiently managing millions of contacts annually. Their dedication has not only earned Unisys numerous accolades and awards for exceptional service and support, but also fostered enduring client relationships marked by consistently high levels of customer satisfaction.

The secret to this continuous success for Unisys lies in its unwavering commitment to setting new benchmarks for both customer and employee experiences. As part of its focus on delivering exceptional service and seamless customer journeys, Unisys recently made a strategic decision to upgrade its Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS) solution.

“We refuse to settle for the status quo,” said Aron Meyer, Solution Architect, Digital Workplace Solutions at Unisys. “Reimagining customer journeys entails a holistic approach encompassing performance, scalability, data, automation and systems integration. We enthusiastically seized the opportunity to collaborate with a reputable CCaaS provider to deliver an enhanced customer experience.”

Empowered to elevate customer and agent experiences

With its AI-powered proactive resolution tools suite, the Genesys Cloud platform allows Unisys to focus on elevating customer and agent experiences. It also offers a simplified pricing structure with fewer resources focused on system administration and support.

“Our clients prioritise effective hybrid working, so we sought a cloud platform that not only offers expedited end-user support, enhanced security and reliability, but also fosters accelerated innovation,” said Meyer. “Genesys delivers on these fronts and more, and the fact that it‘s built on AWS, a trusted and familiar brand for our customers, further strengthens our offering.”

Transforming the communication landscape

Unisys achieved a swift deployment in under five months without disrupting client services. Key to its success was implementing a solution that seamlessly combined a “bring-your-own-carrier” model with Genesys Cloud Voice, incorporating 12 customisations.

This transformation has led to substantial cost savings, seamless migrations, and the introduction of innovative features and capabilities, all while prioritising customer satisfaction and efficient agent interactions.

— Alan Shen, VP, Solution Portfolio and Development, DWS , Unisys

“It was a consolidation of numerous mini-migrations into one unified service,” said Meyer. “Previously, we managed ten different platforms, including contact centre solutions, telecom tools, workforce and quality management systems. Now, we’ve streamlined to just three core systems, while introducing a wealth of valuable features and connections.”

This transformation provides agents with a single desktop interface for managing all inbound, outbound, text, and email communications using Genesys Web Messaging. It also includes communication originating from Google Chat and Microsoft Teams.

“Web messaging represents a modern approach to customer engagement and digital interactions,” said Meyer. “Its asynchronous nature allows agents to handle multiple interactions concurrently, providing a distinct performance advantage.”

The upgraded system brings new capabilities, such as workforce engagement tools, scheduled callbacks, self-service applications, and post-call and post-chat surveys. Additionally, Unisys has leveraged the platform’s open APIs to integrate three chatbots, two IVR systems, Genesys Analytics, Universal Messaging, ServiceNow connectors and two AppFoundry® Marketplace solutions. The Unisys team has fully embraced the solution’s composability, making over three million API calls per month.

Furthermore, Unisys quickly adapted to customise the platform, thanks to Genesys Beyond online training tools. “Our development and support teams swiftly gained proficiency, and we now seamlessly integrate work items from our service management platform,” said Meyer.

Unisys achieves seamless migration, savings and enhanced CX

Undertaking the implementation itself, Unisys successfully migrated its agents and client organisations across global locations. During this process, seven legacy systems were eliminated, paving the way for anticipated lifetime savings exceeding $2 million.

“Our clients can now choose from seven support channels: Microsoft Teams and Google Chat, which was newly introduced, in addition to voice, web messaging, email, SMS, and our ITSM portal,” said Meyer. “Through AI integration, we optimise their experience by reducing queuing times and offering more efficient automated resolutions. Genesys Agent Assist further accelerates contact handling and enhances accuracy by applying Genesys AI.”

Unisys leverages its analytics program to identify points where customers may encounter challenges or disengage from automation during their journeys. Early results also indicate improvements in handle times and employee engagement with the adoption of Genesys Workforce Engagement Management.

“Our efforts have translated into enhanced customer satisfaction, particularly in terms of call quality and text-to-speech clarity,” said Meyer. “Additionally, sentiment analysis enables our managers and team leaders to pinpoint specific coaching needs and knowledge gaps more effectively. We are also considering gamification for the future, as it offers a fun way to recognise and reward our dedicated team members.”

At a glance

Customer: Unisys

Industry: IT services

Location: US

Contact centre: Thousands of agents


  • Meeting customers in the channels of their choice
  • Managing multiple contact centre platforms and point solutions
  • Improving performance, scalability, data, automation and systems integration