Integrating AI into the CX Journey

DNB is the largest financial services group in Norway, striving to be the best in the world when it comes to the customer service they deliver. With the GenesysTM solution, they have been able to leverage the power of artificial intelligence (AI).

View the video to hear how integrating AI into the customer journey enabled DNB to offer a robust omnichannel experience to their customers while also reducing call volume by 30%.

Read the case study to learn how DNB uses Genesys Workforce Management (WFM) tools to help forecast demand and schedule agents’ time. These WFM tools are fully integrated with the routing and other contact centre systems. As a result, DNB generates extremely accurate forecasts of demand.


  • 30% reduction in call volume with the use of AI
  • Seamless customer service across all channels
  • Accurate forecasting and scheduling reduces costs
  • Agent expertise increases first contact resolution
  • Industry-leading customer satisfaction scores


  • Deliver seamless customer service across all channels
  • Accurately forecast demand across 200 different skills and competencies
  • Schedule agents to meet demand with maximum efficiency
  • Ensure ‘fair’ scheduling across hundreds of agents

By using AI, we can automate the manual tasks and use people elsewhere to create value for the company.

Anders Braten, Technical Operations & Customer Solutions, DNB

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