Frequently asked questions about remote workers using Genesys technology

Q: Does my Genesys Platform support home / remote users?

A: Yes. All Genesys systems support home/remote agents, including Genesys (PureEngage), PureConnect and Genesys Cloud (PureCloud).

Q: What level of functionality will my users have while working remotely?

A: Voice can be provided for remote users with minimal configuration and rapid availability.

To learn about more options, see the Genesys Remote Workers Solution Overview.

Q: What are the minimum technical requirements for basic functionality?

A: If your agents have voice endpoints (landline, mobile) at their remote location, they can be configured to service voice calls using remote agent voice Functionality. If your agents also have a personal computer and internet connection, they can gain access to the contact center on your corporate network in a variety of ways.

To learn about more options, see the Genesys Remote Workers Solution Overview.

Q: Can I use the web version of client applications if I have not deployed all the needed Genesys components?

A: Yes. If you have a cloud system, client applications are natively accessible through the web. If you have a premises-based system, please contact your local Genesys representative or Customer Care, who will be able to assist.

Q: How do I validate that my network will ensure that my agents can work efficiently in a remote scenario?

A: Genesys can help verify your Network Topology and provide consultation on best practices, required bandwidth for your network (LAN/WAN), security requirements and data privacy.

Q: If I enable basic functionality, what kind of phones can my remote users utilize?

A: Genesys voice will work with every phone even over PSTN (IP phone/mobile/landline). If your system supports WebRTC, it will work with the browser.

Q: If my users work remotely, do they require additional Genesys licensing?

A: Additional licenses are not required to work remotely. If you are experiencing an increase in customer interactions, we do have a Temporary Licensing Program that can assist you during this time. Please contact your Genesys representative who can advise you on available options.

Q: Can I setup and configure remote agents myself, or do I need to engage Genesys?

A: Genesys voice requires minimal configuration and can be enabled using your own internal support teams. For assistance, contact your Genesys representative or Customer Care.

Q: What other costs can I expect when enabling remote users?

A: PSTN costs will apply for landline usage, mobile phones and mobile phone usage during this time. If your system supports WebRTC, it will work with the browser, without additional costs.

Q: What security and privacy concerns do I need to address?

A: Work with your local Genesys representative and they can put you in contact with the compliance team.

Q: Do I need to provide additional training to my users for remote call handling?

A: For Genesys voice, the users will need to service their customers without their desktop and standard tools, and minimal training may be required.

Q: Are voice calls still recorded for remote users?

A: Yes. If calls originate from the contact center system, calls will be recorded.

Q: Where can I find more information about remote users?

A: Genesys Cloud documentation is on

A: Genesys Premise documentation is on

  • Genesys SIP-Server deployment guide – Click Here
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A: PureConnect Premise documentation is on

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For questions or inquiries related to the above, please contact Customer Care using normal channels.