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Genesys, Daly CIty, CA

Join us for CX Day celebrations on October 2, 2018. It’s a part of Customer Service Week. But why stop there? When you’re like us, you live the CX life—24/7/365.

Join industry customer experience leader Jeanne Bliss and Genesys Chief Customer Officer Dave Sudbey

Check out the on-demand webinar, “Five customer experience requirements for business growth.” Learn how to create a CX strategy for your business.

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  • What our customers are saying about CX

    “A good CX starts with customers choosing the channel they want. An AI-assisted conversation isn’t just beneficial for the customer. It’s also easy to reach an agent at any stage.”

    Torsten Moritz
    Service Owner

  • What our customers are saying about CX

    “Customer experience refers to the effectiveness of dealing between a customer and an organization while managing the overall customer life cycle….The top priority of every business is to provide the best customer service, which can be achieved with the help of knowledge based self-service solutions.”

    Somya Jain
    Software Engineer

  • What our customers are saying about CX

    “CX is to use world’s best technology to create exciting and surprising moments for customers in an ever-evolving business.”

    Joerg Knoop
    Head of Contact Centre & Telesales Capabilities

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