Genesys Makes Significant Progress Toward Carbon Neutrality with 8% Decrease in Carbon Emissions Year-Over-Year

  • Company’s new sustainability report details progress toward ambitious sustainability goals across environmental, social and governance impact
  • Genesys launches new offer to help charities delivering life-changing services further their missions

DENVER, June 20, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Genesys®, a global cloud leader in AI-powered experience orchestration, today released its 2022 Sustainability Report covering the company’s fiscal year 2023 (February 1, 2022–January 31, 2023), underscoring its commitment to driving a more sustainable future for positive impact on the world. The report highlights progress toward the environment, social and government (ESG) goals the company set for 2030, including a nearly 25% decrease in greenhouse gas emissions since it began measuring its footprint in fiscal year 21 (ending January 31, 2021).

"A strong sustainability foundation is rooted in empathy, inclusion, engagement and innovation — all of which are at the core of everything we do here at Genesys," said Bridgette McAdoo, chief sustainability officer at Genesys. "We moved at a rapid pace over the past three years to affect meaningful and lasting positive change that’s well beyond just setting goals. We are a sustainability leader in the customer experience industry and bringing our employees, customers and partners with us."

Genesys officially launched its sustainability initiatives in 2020, integrating ESG as one of the four pillars around which it builds its operational model to ensure strategy-aligned execution. In 2021, the company announced its 2030 goals to contribute to a more sustainable future for the community it serves, including becoming carbon neutral, becoming as diverse as the markets it serves and touching 100 million lives of people in need by helping nonprofits use Genesys products for good. Since then, the company has set the standard for sustainability practices in the industry, resulting in significant traction toward its goals.    

The Genesys commitment to sustainability also means helping organizations make a positive change in the world them. As part of that, Genesys is driven to enable organizations to use its innovative products for good. With world-class uptime, Genesys CloudTM is the ideal solution for any organization that depends on the reliability of its contact center to provide critical services, including suicide and domestic violence hotlines, food banks and more. During its most recent fiscal year, Genesys has enabled nonprofit organizations around the world to deliver more than 46 million experiences to people in need.

Today, Genesys has announced the expansion of its efforts to help charitable organizations improve their ability to serve more people. This offer will enable these organizations, which are doing good in their communities while traditionally operating on limited budgets, to maximize their impact for the people they serve with the most innovative and reliable platform on the market. Details on the offer, which will be available later this quarter, can be found here

Notable environmental achievements highlighted in the latest report include:

  • Decreasing greenhouse gas emissions by 8% year-over-year, due in part to the carbon-saving benefits of transitioning customers from on-premises solutions to Genesys Cloud built on Amazon Web Services (AWS). With research showing that organizations moving their on-premises workloads to AWS decrease their carbon footprint around 80%, customers that evolve to Genesys Cloud similarly can reduce their emissions and progress their own sustainability goals.i
  • Securing a B grade from the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) — a two-grade improvement in just one year. Genesys now ranks among the top in the customer experience (CX) industry for its sustainability efforts, as rated by the CDP.
  • Improving from a Bronze to a Gold rating by EcoVadis in less than two years — placing Genesys in the top 5% of the more 100,000 companies assessed by the organization, and in the top 1% of those in the software provider industry.
  • Achieving LEED Platinum certifications for its new offices in Galway, Ireland; and Menlo Park, California
  • Committing to setting science-based targets (SBTi) for its near-term emissions reductions

Genesys approaches sustainability through intersectionality, understanding that employee representation and belonging play a crucial role in driving change and innovation across the organization. During FY23, Genesys made strides in reaching its diversity goals, including:

  • The representation of underrepresented leadership (director and above) in the US grew from 20.4% to 22.5%; a greater than 10% net increase 
  • Representation across all underrepresented groups in the US workforce grew by greater than 13%; increasing from 21.6% to 24.5% 
  • Since officially establishing the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) program in 2020, women in leadership across the globe increased by more than 20%

"This year was about continuing our DEI work at Genesys to build a more equitable, inclusive culture while also executing and delivering impactful results," said Eric Thomas, global DEI officer at Genesys. "For a third year in a row, we saw solid growth in the representation of women and people of color across the company. We are very proud of our progress and look forward to expanding opportunities for our talented employees to spur innovation, develop inclusive products and meet our customers’ unique needs."

Read the full Genesys 2022 Sustainability Report here.

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