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Genesys Introduces AI Experience, A Complete Way for Businesses to Orchestrate Unique Customer Journeys

Genesys Cloud AI Experience simplifies how organizations deliver and improve bespoke end-to-end customer journeys with turnkey personalization, automation and prediction

SAN FRANCISCO, Sept. 28, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Genesys®, a global cloud leader in experience orchestration, today introduced Genesys Cloud AI Experience, a new solution designed to help organizations optimize customer journeys through accelerated experience innovation powered by smarter personalization, automation and prediction. With the new solution, Genesys has expanded its experience orchestration capabilities, enabling organizations to listen and understand customers and employees through seamless coordination of technology, interactions and touchpoints. Now with greater ability to predict actions, automate journeys in real time and drive toward outcomes, Genesys Cloud AI Experience makes it possible for any organization to orchestrate people-centric experiences at scale, fostering long-lasting relationships.

Many organizations are challenged to find strategies for dealing with both rising customer volume and changes in expectations, while facing an uncertain business market. With pressure to deliver better experiences with less, artificial intelligence (AI) technologies have the potential to help; yet many organizations are hamstrung by legacy business processes, siloed point solutions and insufficient technical resources. Outside of large companies, most lack the data scientists and resources to implement and deploy technologies orientated around their customers and employees while still supporting business objectives.

Experience Orchestration at Scale

With Genesys Cloud AI Experience, organizations can integrate real-time data and customer signals to easily orchestrate and optimize proactive, personalized engagement across digital and voice touchpoints. When AI works harmoniously in the background of every experience, customers are met with new levels of understanding and care, and employees are equipped with smarter tools and insight to improve every interaction.

Genesys Cloud AI Experience removes the barrier of entry to AI for most organizations by combining conversational AI, knowledge, agent assistance, predictive routing and predictive engagement into a single integrated solution. This enables stronger customer journeys in weeks versus quarters. By eliminating the friction of isolated systems, the solution embeds intelligence and intent across the end-to-end experience, allowing organizations to recognize the bespoke needs of every customer at any stage of a journey.

In addition, the solution helps organizations extract more value from their data so self-service and employee assisted engagements can be fine-tuned with greater precision. With turnkey implementation and fast time to value, organizations have all the tools they need to orchestrate better experiences at scale using the AI, digital and self-service capabilities included in Genesys Cloud AI Experience. Available now, organizations can add these capabilities to their existing Genesys Cloud CX™ contract or include it as a part of a new deployment.

"While AI and automation tools permeate throughout the customer and employee lifecycle, they are often adopted as separate point solutions that limit the ability to address consumers’ journeys holistically," said Dave Schubmehl, research vice president, Conversational AI, IDC. "Organizations that leverage the integrated AI capabilities of Genesys Cloud AI Experience are positioned to address radically different use cases in customer experience, increasing the breadth of their impact."

Improving Customer Journeys with AI-Driven Optimization

The newly enhanced components of Genesys Cloud AI Experience allow organizations to accelerate their path to customer journey optimization using the latest AI innovations from Genesys, including:

  • Better digital experiences: To standout in an economy dictated by the experiences you provide, organizations face new pressures to satisfy and connect with customers. Instead of plain text, the new Genesys digital bot flow builder allows organizations to differentiate their customer self-service experiences using rich media, images, visual menus, added languages and more. With better digital bots, organizations can create engaging, visual, conversational experiences to solve a customers’ needs more effectively.
  • Smart knowledge: Whether supported by a human or a bot, today’s customer service experiences are made or broken on the knowledge that powers them. However, too often, knowledge is trapped in silos. That’s why Genesys is making it easier for organizations to create, enrich and train knowledge across channels with a new centralized workbench powering self-serve and human-assisted service. Now, with access to images, dynamic articles, enhanced language dimensions and expanded search capabilities, organizations have smart tools at their disposal to support customers in real time. A new knowledge optimizer gives organizations deeper visibility into content effectiveness and usage, helping them detect the most valuable customer resources.
  • AI transparency: To remove the "black box" approach many organizations take, Genesys launched an explainability feature to AI routing, by supplying insights into the factors driving better customer outcomes across voice and digital channels. It’s visualized, explained and accessed through an intuitive Genesys Predictive Routing guide that pinpoints features in its AI model via a user-friendly dashboard. This insight fosters confidence and trust in AI models and delivers new insights to drive better decisions.
  • AI-driven orchestration optimization: Now with embedded data services, interaction data is captured while speech and text analytics, intent mining, and identity resolution are automatically applied. This gives organizations new insights they can use to personalize and refine engagements for best customer outcomes. In addition, with the audience size estimator recently added to Genesys Predictive Engagement, employees can see the impact of their predictive strategy on their operations, ensuring they have the right resources in place to handle elevated volumes.

"As a pioneer in Experience as a Service®, we’re making it easier for organizations of all sizes and scale to stay ahead of changing consumers’ needs through experience orchestration. Using Genesys Cloud AI Experience, we’re giving organizations a powerful foundation to help them innovate effortlessly and wow their customers through more proactive, personalized experiences," said Olivier Jouve, executive vice president and general manager, Genesys Cloud CX.

To learn more, attend a live webinar, "Meet the New Genesys Cloud AI Experience," on October 4 at 2 PM EDT or on demand following the event.

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