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Genesys Email

Keep customers happy with follow-through

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  • Reduce handle time
  • Improve email service levels
  • Lower agent costs
  • Improve your customer experience
  • Maximize resources and productivity

Key Features

  • Intelligent routing based on business rules
  • Standardized agent responses
  • Password-protected, secure email access
  • Natural-language processing and keyword/expression identification
  • Email categorization based on content and emotion detection
  • Automatic acknowledgement and/or automatic responses
  • Independent QA review and collaboration
  • Push and pick workbin distribution
  • Unified, omnichannel desktop
  • Contact history
  • Real-time and historical reporting and management

Fuel customer satisfaction and agent effectiveness

The ubiquity of email has shifted customer preferences dramatically in recent years, making it the preferred method of contact for many of your customers. Whenever possible, customers prefer to resolve simple inquiries on a company website or via email. It’s crucial, then, that your email service levels achieve parity with the service your contact center provides through all other channels.

Slow response and inefficiency frustrate customers

Email has long been a prime channel for service and support. For some companies, email is the only digital channel used for customer engagement. Despite this, email interactions are often excluded from or only loosely involved in the support processes. Messages can’t be prioritized and routed to the most appropriate agent, and there’s no easy way to know if an appropriate knowledge base exists to serve the issues raised via email.

In addition, when customers use email for sales or support, they typically have to wait 24 to 72 hours just to get a reply. And when the reply does come, it too often provides scant information and discourages follow-up interactions.

Ineffective email support damages the customer experience and can hurt your company’s image. Patient customers will turn to the more expensive voice channel to get what they need. Less forgiving ones will jump to a competitor’s site to complete their purchases or may simply lose loyalty to your brand.

Transform your email engagement

Put an end to inadequate email service and support with Genesys Email. Reduce the number of interactions that are escalated to voice channels with accurate, automated email responses. Intelligently route emails to the available agents whose expertise best matches the customers’ needs.

Use the embedded reporting capabilities of Genesys Email to glean insight into historical and real-time performance, so you can quickly adapt
to meet your customers’ needs. Then use that data and configure the built-in rules engine to prioritize emails based on key criteria, such as a customer’s relative value to your company.

By incorporating email interactions into your customers’ overall engagement history, you eliminate the disjointed service caused by siloed teams. With Genesys Email, your contact center will deliver a seamless, contextual customer experience across all channels.

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"We’re a lot more responsive to emails. Previously, we used a pool of agents, and they could cherry-pick their tasks. Now we treat email with exactly the same urgency as calls, pushing them to agents in order of priority. As a result, the response time service level improved to above 90%."

Luc Greefs

Director, Shared Delivery Services

Cegeka, a Belgian service provider


Skill-based, contextual routing

Emails are intelligently routed from the Genesys Customer Experience Platform, based on business rules and resource availability, which leads to faster resolution.

Automated blending of email

Blended push-routing of emails can be used to balance agent workload across peak and non-peak periods. This improved load-balancing optimizes agent utilization and reduces labor costs.

Integration with other channels

Genesys Email supports business operations with centralized routing and reporting, a common customer record, and the ability to maintain conversations across channels. Customers receive a seamless experience, and businesses increase operational efficiency and sales.

Omnichannel Desktop (Genesys Workspace)

Agents can access the information necessary to personalize interactions, such as multichannel contact history and a standard response library. This results in improved agent performance.

Feedback for email

Surveys after email sessions give customers the opportunity to provide specific feedback and help businesses optimize sales and service strategies.

High availability

Genesys Email offers high availability capabilities with seamless failover in case a problem arises, offering secure business continuity.

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