Genesys Cloud Dialer

Maximize agent productivity with a cloud-based outbound dialer

Genesys Cloud Dialer


  •  Increase customer contacts
  • Maximize agent productivity
  • Improve contact center performance
  • Maintain compliance
  • Reduce costs
  • Enhance campaign monitoring
  • Integrates with business systems and CRMs such as SFDC

Key Features

  • Predictive, preview and manual dialing
  • Outbound IVR and proactive alert messaging
  • Minimize customer hold time and routing delays
  • Custom agent scripting
  • Real-time agent monitoring
  • Built-in compliance tools
  • Customer opt-in solution
  • Speech and campaign analytics
  • Integrates with business systems and CRMs such as SFDC
  • Timely, relevant, and personalized communications

More and more organizations are migrating their contact centers to the cloud. This shift is largely due to the quick deployment, cost-effectiveness, and smaller technology footprint provided by
cloud-based business solutions.

Genesys helps evolve your contact center from traditional on-premises dialing architectures to the cloud completely or a in hybrid deployment model to maximize profitability, meet compliance requirements, and easily scale capacity. Our cloud-based dialer enables you to develop sophisticated outbound contact strategies that leverage predictive, preview, and manual dialing as well as outbound IVR and alert messaging.

Improve agent efficiency and boost productivity

The Genesys Cloud Dialer identifies and converts more contacts in less time. It also enables cross-channel contact strategies throughout a customer’s interaction by combining a voice conversation with an outbound IVR, text message, mobile webpage, or email follow-up. Our Agent Voice Portal interface is designed to improve the user experience by providing contact center managers and agents with tools that maximize efficiency.

Genesys Cloud Dialer features predictive dialing which allows agents to spend time on productive calls with live parties by filtering out unproductive calls including voice mails, busy signals, and disconnected numbers. Our unique predictive pacing algorithms optimize the balance between wait times and call abandonment by accurately predicting when agents will become available, enabling contact centers to maximize agent utilization while increasing profitability.

Improve reliability, scalability and affordability

The Genesys Cloud Dialer offers the reliability of an on-premises solution with the scalability and affordability associated with cloud-based business solutions. Your contact center will realize an immediate return on investment by reducing capital expenditures, increasing time to market, and alleviating peak capacity concerns. Your users benefit from the latest innovation including immediate access to new features and functionality while meeting compliance requirements.

Integrated analytics

Take your outbound campaigns to the next level with integrated analytics. Detailed reporting and monitoring provides deep insight into a campaign’s effectiveness. Additionally, speech analytics provides a cost-effective and systematic way to evaluate agents, improve compliance, identify trends and ultimately provide a better customer experience.

Seamless contact center integration

The Genesys Cloud Dialer replaces or integrates with contact center infrastructure and allows organizations to take full advantage of a cloud or hybrid solution. API connectivity lets organizations integrate the Genesys Cloud Dialer into business applications to automate contact management and trigger outbound calls. CTI enables on-prem systems to supplement their limited capacity with outbound IVR messages sent from the Genesys Cloud Dialer and utilize the on-premise call pacing, routing, and screen pops.

Genesys easily integrates with Salesforce to provide contact centers with the tools needed to seamlessly communicate with their customers. For example, organizations can quickly export campaign calling lists from Salesforce into the Genesys Cloud Dialer enabling them to implement multi-channel outbound campaigns. Additionally after an outreach attempt is completed, results can be written immediately back into the activity log of the appropriate customer record for historical purposes.

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Increase customer contacts

  • Cross channels—outbound IVR, text (SMS and MMS), email, mobile webpages
  • Call blending and escalation (inbound & outbound)
  • Dynamic list management
  • Built outbound campaigns from SFDC contacts
  • Effective right party connect scripts
  • Capture and honor opt-in and channel preferences
  • Customer recovery contact strategy
  • Local-to-end-user Caller ID
  • Global support

Maximize agent productivity

  • Predictive, preview and manual dialing
  • Outbound IVR and alert messaging
  • Seamless blending of inbound and outbound calls
  • Pacing options including fixed line, predictive and compliance
  • Custom agent scripting
  • Session transfer capabilities
  • Unproductive call filtering
  • Automated payment systems
  • Custom call-based disposition codes
  • Add outreach results to SDFC record
  • Scheduled callback

Improve contact center performance and reduce costs

  • Customizable user interface
  • Multiple pacing algorithms
  • Inbound and skills-based routing (ACD)
  • Robust and flexible report suite
  • Support for at-home agents
  • Real-time campaign and agent monitors
  • Softphone over VPN or MPLS

Enhance campaign monitoring

  • Real-time agent monitoring
  • Monitor-Coach-Barge
  • Campaign progress monitors
  • Historical transaction searching
  • Session recording
  • Real-time pacing controls
  • Agent group management
  • Speech, text, and email analytics

Integrate with business systems via API and CTI modules

  • Automate campaign management
  • Trigger outbound campaigns
  • Documented API and sample code
  • Intelligent call routing and pacing
  • SOAP/REST interfaces
  • Secure multi-channel support
  • List and event based interactions
  • Desktop integrations to CRM/SFDC
  • Trickle SFDC feed to dial web leads

Mitigate risk and enable compliance

  • Prevent contacting ineligible numbers
  • Track consumer mobility and phone portability
  • Compliance rules builder to control contact frequency
  • Manage consumer consent and profile data
  • Certified PCI Level 1 provider
  • Enables compliance with requirements such as TCPA, FDCPA, CFPB, FCRA, CRTC, CASL, OFT, Ofcom, GLBA, HIPAA

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