The Right Solution to Drive Next Generation CX Feedback

Any business basing important business decisions on customer feedback is at risk of losing an understanding of their customers. With survey response rates running from anything between 1 and 20%, you could be missing out on feedback from as much as 99% of the customers you reach out to. The consequences can be bad decision making because of incomplete data.

However, these serious business issues can be solved if you use the Genesys Customer Experience Platform integrated with the VIRTUATell’s CX feedback solution, available today.  VIRTUATell’s next generation CX feedback solution is driven by real-time customer data and is able to access multiple customer contact channels. Using our CXbot, together with data integration and dynamic survey scripts, VIRTUATell ensures feedback is fast, relevant, and on the correct channel.

The result? Response rates rocket skywards.

So, how does the combined solution address these issues?

We capture feedback from the 75%+ you don’t

VIRTUATell uses real-time customer data to ask only relevant feedback questions, understand their preferred contact channel (including the social channels) and the optimal survey length (in some cases, just a single question).  This means you could collect feedback from almost 100% of your audience.

We reach out on the right channel, at the right time

Using both an omnichannel contact center platform and CX feedback solutions means your customer can be offered a totally relevant set of questions on the channel they prefer.  Whether it’s a telephone, smartphone, web site or social media chat, Genesys and VIRTUATell knows which questions to ask and where.

We only ask context-rich questions

Customers are fed up with huge surveys, full of irrelevant questions, which are offered indiscriminately every time they buy something or contact someone and pushed at them by suppliers who put no value on their time.   VIRTUATell’s CXBot works in real-time with Genesys to completely understand all about the customer and their reason for making contact.  CXBot uses that knowledge to ensure the questions we ask are relevant, short and relate to their recent event, all of which drives response rates upwards.

Genesys and VIRTUATell eliminate your survey silos

Every department seems to be running their own surveys these days, with no central data collection or control.  Since it’s a single solution, Genesys can integrate all available customer data with VIRTUATell to give you a single, holistic view of all your customers.  In addition, that data is available in the reporting portal alongside the feedback, to provide powerful cross-referenced insight and valuable alerts, in real-time.  Finally, Genesys can feed real-time results back into your legacy systems, so all levels of your organization are empowered to serve you customers better.

Would you like to find out how Genesys and VIRTUATell can increase your knowledge about your customers? Watch our AppFoundry Webinar on demand at your convenience or contact us today to arrange a consultation.

This post was co-authored by Alan Weaser, CEO and Founder of Virtuatell, the leading UK and USA based automated omnichannel CX feedback management company.  He has been working in the IVR, voice and message automation, telecommunication and contact centre market for over 25 years, with experience of doing so in Europe, USA, Africa and Asia. VIRTUATell don’t collect feedback for the sake of it, but rather, help clients bring all those silo’s of CX knowledge into one place, believe that it’s crucial to have every possible cross reference available in a simple format, so the data can be understood at all levels of your business. With so much disparate CX data held in multiple systems, the products and services developed by Virtuatell give our clients a real understanding of where improvements should be made.