The Biggest Blind Spot in Your Contact Center to Gather Customer Intelligence

We live in the information age where decisions, including those made within the contact center, are based on hard data. Your contact center already collects numerous performance metrics about business operations, the contact center, and your employees. While these customer intelligence metrics are essential to deliver superior customer service and keep employees engaged, you still have a huge blind spot.

None of these metrics contain reliable and actionable information about the actual content of the conversations that occurs between agents and customers—on the voice or digital sides. Getting insights into those conversations is critically important to make sure you:

  • Understand and monitor employee behavior to improve performance and to identify training and coaching gaps
  • Analyze and gauge customer needs and sentiments to improve service delivery and increase customer satisfaction

However, even more, important to your business’ overall survival and growth is the ability to gather customer intelligence and react quickly to your customers’ concerns.  This is essential to:

  1. Protect your company’s reputation if unexpected issues occur that affect the business
  2. React quickly to critical events that could occur unexpectedly or as new projects go live
  3. Monitor and get feedback on the rollout of new products or services

As managers, we try to fill this gap through various methods, including:

  • Asking agents to proactively raise any reoccurring or new concerns to their supervisors or management
  • Walking through the contact center, either physically or virtually, and speaking with agents about new or recurring issues
  • Asking agents to use disposition codes to flag potential problem areas or calls to gain insights
  • Performing spot checks by having a well-defined quality management program in place to zero-in on areas of improvement

But these methods only give us a sliver of the information we need; this partial view isn’t a true representation across all customer conversations. Typically, fewer than 2% of conversations are reviewed for quality management, and agents often select the wrong disposition codes. These methods provide uneven, unreliable and stale information.

Shine a Customer Intelligence Spotlight on Interaction Content

To elucidate this blind spot, we need tools that analyze the content of those conversations across the entire suite and then highlight and surface any new or unexpected business issues or trends that require closer attention.

To accomplish this, we need to take the unstructured data in all voice conversations and turn it into structured and searchable content as quickly as possible. This is done by creating a full transcript of all voice conversations that occur within your contact center. The Advanced Speech Recognition capabilities of Genesys Interaction Analytics can help. What was once a black box, now becomes a fully searchable and viewable transcript.

The result is a huge body of textual data. To make sense of this data, you need to apply artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms to tease out fragments of conversations that are salient to you as a contact center manager. Genesys Interaction Analytics uses advanced machine learning (i.e., clustering) algorithms that use built-in training material, along with customer-provided training material, to analyze fragments of conversations and deliver a clear view into these conversations.

But that’s still not enough. Your contact center consists of many lines of business, each with groups specializing in different aspects of your business. Some groups are focused on sales, others on retention or service. Getting a view across the entire contact center still wouldn’t provide the precise insights needed to make real business-level decisions on how to best deliver service and quickly adapt to your customers.

You also need metadata and the ability to apply these clustering algorithms on a custom set of interaction transcripts to truly zero-in on specific areas of concern. You need to be able to slice and dice the data by customer side vs. agent side, agent or agent groups, line of business, or business segment among a host of other business-specific data points. Genesys Interaction Analytics is the only analytics solution that offers this level of precision clustering to really help you monitor, react and improve customer intelligence.

Finally, once the system has zeroed in on new phrases or topics of interest, Genesys Interaction Analytics lets you drill down to discover and explore similar words (that occur within a similar context) or related words (that occur within close proximity) to gain more context. Also, the tool lets you drill down further into specific interactions of interest, to pinpoint root causes and gain additional insights into these conversations. All this analysis is accomplished without any user input.

This might all sound futuristic, but the future is now. It’s time to invest in solutions that harness the power of modern technological advancements. From automated transcription to machine learning and clustering, get the data you need at your fingertips for customer intelligence—and take your operations to the next level by removing that blind spot in your contact center. To learn more, check out the brochure, Interaction Analytics Capabilities.