Test Your Artificial Intelligence and Chatbot Knowledge in the Mythbusters Challenge

Play the Artificial Intelligence Mythbusters Game and Win up to $500 in Amazon Gifts!

Myths abound in the world of about artificial intelligence (AI) and it’s time to bust through them. Test your AI expertise against expert Genesys mythbusters in a game-style webinar with a $500 prize. You’ll see who knows more—you or your peers—while you learn all about blended AI.

A lot of the challenge with AI is figuring out how to make the best use of it in a way that maps to your desired business outcomes. Bots give you a fast way to achieve fast and relevant results.

AI myths slow down progress

We’ll debunk AI and chatbot myths and the delve into the value you can get from them immediately. You’ll see how Bots connect your brand with customers at any time—across all platforms—to keep customer conversations going in the direction you want.

Here are a few myths we’ll tackle:

  • Can you build a bot in less than an hour?
  • After you build a bot, can you deploy it once and automatically render it across channels?
  • Can you view reports on native and third-party bots—plus live staff—in a single dashboard?
  • Could Jack and Rose have both really survived Titanic?

More fun when you join the webinar

Try beating your peers in our mythbusters challenge and you can earn up to a $500 Amazon gift card. We’ll brainstorm ways to kickstart your AI strategy and improve customer experience.

Everyone’s a contestant in this fast-paced hour. We’ll reveal uncommon knowledge about how to quickly and cost-effectively start with AI to improve customer experience—with no technical expertise required.

Join the September 12 webinar, Uncover Genesys AI and bots in action, and see how you can build artificial intelligence for a purpose to improve customer experience outcomes. You will not want to miss this one!