Shaping the Experiences of Tomorrow — Today

AI is driving a seismic shift in customer and employee experiences, including how businesses manage them. With nearly unlimited digital options, you must get it right the first time. One poor customer experience can cost you. In the Genesys State of Customer Experience global research report, 31%​ of consumers say they stopped doing business with a company after a negative customer service interaction.

Customers want to achieve their goals with your brand through simple and connected experiences across different channels. They expect you to know them, know where they’ve been and what they’re trying to achieve. And unless employees are also equipped and empowered to assist customers, it’s going to be almost impossible to deliver on that promise.

At Xperience 2024, May 13–15 in Denver, you’ll discover how Genesys enables you to accelerate your readiness for future market demands through a continuous innovation model — while serving your customers efficiently and effectively today.

Xperience is an opportunity to not only hear about Genesys innovations, but also a place to listen and learn from customer experience (CX) leaders from across the globe. Hear how businesses of all sizes and industries are harnessing Genesys technology to achieve transformation in the era of artificial intelligence (AI).


Over 65% of Xperience sessions are led by customers.


Session leaders will share how they’re addressing the big questions about AI and what to expect in your journey, the steps they’ve taken, and the results already achieved to drive more seamless end-to-end customer journeys and employee experiences.

The Future of AI Is Now

AI technologies promise to create great customer experiences overall and drive growth, so AI adoption is topmost on business leaders’ agendas. And yet, AI isn’t the end goal.

Think of AI as a tool that enables you to achieve your goals faster and more effectively. It allows you to organize your people, knowledge and data in the best way possible.

The path to AI begins once you identify the goals and outcomes you’re trying to achieve and then understand how to use AI to achieve them. At Xperience, we’ll spotlight businesses that are embracing AI innovation in different ways to drive those outcomes.

Experience Orchestration and Seamless Engagement

Using the rapid advances in AI, experience orchestration has become a must-have in improving customer and employee experiences. As customers engage with businesses through multiple touchpoints, it’s important to make each interaction consistent, personalized and relevant. It’s how you put the customer first.

This is true no matter where they are in their journeys — or which part of your business engages with them. With consolidated insights now available, AI can enable you to turn this vision into a reality.

This is how AI and experience orchestration work together to automate and optimize the customer journey, for a holistic view of customer engagement. Using the power of data, analytics and automation, it enables you to deliver the right information, at the right time, to the right customer, across all touchpoints creating an empathetic experience.

Shaping Experiences for Employees and Partners

More than 1.9 billion Coca-Cola beverage products are served in over 200 countries every single day, making Coca-Cola one of the world’s most iconic brands.

Globally across the Coca-Cola System, over 10 business units have deployed the Genesys Cloud™ platform. One is Coca-Cola Bottlers’ Sales and Services (CCBSS), a shared services organization within the Coca-Cola System in North America.

The success of this collaboration is due in part to the unique value of the Genesys customer success team, which helped our partners within the Coca-Cola System advance through better use of technology. Their drive for greater efficiencies continues.

While the Coca-Cola System consistently delivers great results, CCBSS wanted to get more from their investment in AI with its potential for innovation. This included adding voicebots that led to a greatly streamlined customer experience and reduction in overall touches.

CCBSS is also deploying new Genesys Agent Assist technology to surface knowledge for customer-facing teams. Today, AI correctly identifies and routes more than 80% of its calls. This enables agents to spend less time on the phone and resolve more queries during the first contact.

Customer Experience in Times of Crisis

Empathy is a powerful differentiator, and in some businesses, its core to their mission. The Trevor Project, another participant at Xperience, is the leading suicide prevention and crisis intervention nonprofit for LGBTQ+ young people. The organization estimates that approximately 1.8 million LGBTQ+ young people seriously consider suicide each year in the US alone.

For a nonprofit offering support at critical moments, uptime is an imperative. Phone and digital systems can’t be down because of the level of urgency and importance of every interaction.

But with 15 vendors, contracts and multiple support channels, it became too difficult to manage these disparate systems. The organization decided to refocus on its mission, not building contact center software. It needed an all-in-one platform with capabilities that would also serve unique staffing needs.

The Trevor Project relies on a workforce of full-time staff and thousands of volunteers who work a few hours a week to serve youth contacts on multiple channels. Right at the top, they needed to conduct risk assessments in a timely way to more quickly route the most critical and high-risk interactions to a counselor.

Using Genesys Cloud Workforce Engagement Management, volunteers gain the right mix of skills through formalized training, as well as listening and real-time supervision for voice and digital interactions. It also ensures clients receive a consistent experience. The team also plans to deploy Genesys Agent Assist capabilities in Mexico, where it handles about 10,000 digital transactions per month. The goal is to assist volunteers to ease their burden and make conversations continuously positive.

Measuring youth satisfaction with surveys after their interactions shows that the majority of young people who contact The Trevor Project feel less suicidal, which shows the life-saving impact that the organization can have.

Accelerate Into Your Future

The pace of innovation has never been faster than it is with AI. Whether you’re a long-time Genesys customer or new, organizations like Coca-Cola Bottlers’ Sales and Services and The Trevor Project, are already using it to deliver on their goals.

And Xperience will showcase many more leaders to help demystify how to take your next step to improve loyalty with AI-powered experience orchestration. You’ll gain lessons learned, best practices that help you minimize risk and maximize your business impact.

Whether you’re moving to the cloud, embracing AI and automation, or looking holistically across experience orchestration, Xperience 2024, May 13–15 in Denver, will help you reach your goals.

It’s not too late. Register for Xperience today and get all the information you need to deliver personalized experiences, differentiate your brand and become a leader in your industry.