True Stories of Replacing Legacy Contact Center Solutions

The quality of customer service was once determined by how quickly a PBX operator picked up a call. Today’s customers have higher and more varied expectations than ever before and now demand convenience, speed, agent knowledge, channel availability, and even personalized interactions.

Organizations across all industries around the world are facing the reality that it has never been more important and more challenging to meet customer expectations. The contact center should no longer be considered a profit-draining cost center. Rather, it’s ground zero for where the commitment to the customer is continuously tested and proven. When every interaction matters, risking service quality could be a very costly decision.

For three industry leaders, the writing was on the wall. Challenges caused by outdated, legacy contact center solutions were impacting their ability to provide the service required to stay competitive. Considering what the future held if they continued to struggle with disconnected communication channels, routing difficulties, and reliability issues, they each came to the conclusion that deploying a single, integrated customer experience platform was the right choice.

Breaking Down Silos

As India’s largest private-sector bank, ICICI Bank faced increasing competition from larger, nationalized banks while also struggling with outdated infrastructure. Their contact centers were operating in silos with agents who had limited visibility of customer journeys. The bank also had the additional challenge of using multiple vendors for inbound calls, email, and other communication channels. This resulted in significant inefficiencies that negatively impacted both customers and business operations.

With their systems reaching end-of-life, ICICI Bank turned to Genesys for help. By replacing their older legacy infrastructure with the Genesys Customer Experience Platform, the bank gained a universal view for managing interactions across multiple channels. An easy-to-use agent desktop now provides agents with the journey view they need to provide seamless, contextual service which serves as a valuable competitive differentiator.

Since the initial deployment of Genesys, ICICI Bank has continued to add new solutions to improve their service capabilities. The results have been measurable, including a 10% jump in customer satisfaction and 15% improved agent productivity.

Overcoming System Instability

Like ICICI Bank, TXU Energy (TXUE) is also an industry leader competing in a highly competitive marketplace. As the largest retail energy provider in Texas, TXUE faced ongoing issues with decentralized, multi-vendor contact center infrastructure. Service-related problems included dropped calls, poor voice quality, data synchronization errors, and poor reliability. The ongoing problems impacted their ability to deliver consistent, quality service to their 1.6 million customers.

TXUE understood that they needed to reduce their contact center complexity and consolidate their systems if they wanted to provide the highest standard of customer service. After a comprehensive evaluation of vendors, including their existing vendor, they chose Genesys as their technology partner. By deploying the Genesys Customer Experience Platform, TXUE was able to meet their customer requirements and perform a methodical migration across their eight contact center sites. They can now quickly set up new sites and swiftly move call volume between sites during peak call times. They also have improved reporting and analytics to make better business decisions. As in the case of ICICI Bank, TXUE has experienced significant benefits since replacing their legacy infrastructure. This includes 99.98% uptime, contact center cost savings of more than 40%, and far fewer customer complaints.

Eliminating Disparate ACD Systems

One of four business units within Live Nation Entertainment, Ticketmaster is well-known as the global leader in event ticketing. It runs one of the world’s top five eCommerce sites with 14 contact centers worldwide. Experiencing growth in ticket sales and challenged by disparate ACD systems that were at capacity, reaching end-of-life, and becoming too costly and cumbersome to maintain, Ticketmaster needed a complete technology overhaul. This led to a comprehensive refresh plan that included the implementation of one of the largest Genesys SIP contact centers.

With the deployment of the Genesys Customer Experience Platform, Ticketmaster consolidated their contact center technology and leveraged SIP to connect contact center agents and enable remote agent centers to dramatically improve overall agent efficiency. Multimedia personalization was also added to create a unique fan experience that increases loyalty and complements their world-class service capabilities. By replacing their legacy infrastructure, Ticketmaster has achieved their goals of improving fan satisfaction and agent efficiency. It has also led to many other benefits, including reduced operational costs and improved call data tracking.

Are you weighing the pros and cons of maintaining your legacy contact center solution?

You may be amazed by the true cost of investing time and money in a system that can no longer support your customers’ expectations. You might even be facing uncertainty with a vendor that is bogged down by financial challenges and limited ability to invest in innovation. If so, it’s the right time to find out how the Genesys Customer Experience Platform can help you sustain your competitive advantage.

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