Interact With Your Instagram Audience

Until recently, integrating Instagram into your contact center was complex and expensive, as no off-the-shelf connectors were available. This has now changed – IST Networks has created an Instagram connector to allow your agents to engage in your customers’ social interactions.

In the past two years since 2016, the number of active Instagram users per month has doubled from 400m to 800m active users per month, and this upward trend is showing no signs of slowing. In 2017, 71% of businesses in the United States are now using Instagram as part of their CX strategy.

Today is the right time to engage with your customers on Instagram and IST has made this even simpler with InstGenesys, a connector to Instagram for Genesys PureEngage, now available via the Genesys AppFoundry.

Let your agents take action on Instagram interactions

The instGenesys connector automatically routes Instagram customer interactions related to your organization to skilled agents trained to respond to Instagram feeds. A rapid response is vital to ‘strike while the iron is hot’ to emotional customer interactions.

A familiar Genesys user-interface

Instagram social interactions are routed within the Genesys Workspace, which means your agents are using the same desktop as before, hence lowering training costs to almost zero. The instGenesys connector is ‘plug and play’, meaning you can turn it on or off depending on your organizational marketing objectives.

Designed for Genesys PureEngage

InstGenesys allows you to leverage the powerful features within Genesys Routing and apply them to your Instagram channel. Priority routing can be set up for certain customers and agent capacity rules mean your agents are utilized effectively, handling one or more customer interactions at a time.

The Genesys Universal Queue will apply to the Instagram channel too, resulting in an efficient controlled feed of customer interactions, whether they are voice, email, SMS, Facebook, and the many other channels your organization uses.

Integrated Reporting

The InstGenesys connector provides data that can be consumed by your reporting engine and displayed on Genesys Pulse.

CX strategies are evolving

Every year, customers are demanding more from their suppliers and organizations like yours are fighting to keep up with changing customer behavior. Technology acceptance is now the main driving force and platforms like Instagram and tomorrows platforms are becoming relevant. As customers get use to these new channels, they will demand to engage with their organizations via them, and an opportunity for you to create your brand differentiator with your customers.

The crest of the wave is now Instagram and the reasons for this are:

  • Unlike other social media platforms, Instagram users are extremely loyal, with over 57% of users accessing the platform every day.
  • Instagram is considered a ‘cool’ platform amongst its users and its year on year growth rate is proving this. Facebook, by comparison is considered ‘old fashioned’.
  • Engagement on Instagram is rated at 15 times greater than that of Facebook and 20 times higher than Twitter.
  • Growth for Corporate Instagram accounts has soared. in the past 2 years, brands with 100k or more followers has grown by 163%

Adding Instagram to your CX Strategy is now quick and easy

With the InstGenesys connector, organizations like yours can now easily add Instagram interactions to your contact center and react to these interactions as you would with Email, SMS, WebChat and Voice. Leveraging the routing power of Genesys PureEngage, your customers can finally engage with your organization via their Instagram account.

For a demo of InstGenesys, please contact us here and we’ll be happy to show you how easy it is to add Instagram to your CX strategy. For more information, visit the InstGenesys listing on AppFoundry. You can register now for the on-demand webinar to view at your convenience.

This blog post was co-authored by the team at IST Networks.