Putting Your Customers and Employees First During COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic is no doubt one of the most significant moments in our history. People across the globe are experiencing the same adversity  — and we’re all in this together.

Despite the unexpected changes, we’re trying to continue our lives as normally as possible. Educational institutions, government agencies, non-profits, employment agencies — they’ve all seen the need for new ways to stay connected with their customers, clients, students and citizens — from teachers and professors who’ve adopted virtual techniques to continue their curriculum to customer service agents working remote to answer our urgent questions. Digital transformation is critical because of COVID-19 in order for companies and teams to communicate and collaborate effectively to drive productivity forward.

Genesys is doing its part to enable companies to meet immediate needs and protect employees, customers and the community during the COVID-19 pandemic through our rapid response program. Right now, we’re offering our flagship cloud contact center product free for 90 days and up in 48 hours to help businesses continue operations while adhering to public health guidelines and restrictions.

In addition to the Genesys Cloud platform, users can extend their capabilities with add-on applications from the AppFoundry Marketplace during the trial period. Several of our most popular AppFoundry vendors already offer free trials, and we’re proud that they’ve pledged to extend their trial periods to align with the Genesys Rapid Response Program.

We encourage you to experiment with our curated selection of free trial offerings. Whether you’re looking extend the Genesys Cloud platform into your CRM system, tap into the Voice of the Customer, monitor contact center metrics or keep your agents engaged, AppFoundry has offerings that remove any technical hurdles so you can maintain business continuity.

We’d like to thank the following AppFoundry partners who are extending their free trial offers:

  • Auvious Video Counselor is a seamless, secure, state-of-the-art video conferencing for the Genesys Cloud platform.
  • Avtex InteractionSync integrates the Genesys Cloud platform with Microsoft Dynamics 365 applications, linking all customer communications within the golden record of the customer data.
  • Brightmetrics Brightmetrics enables your team with critical insights and empowers them to drill down from summary reports or visualizations.
  • Contact DynamixSurvey Dynamix is intuitive web-based interface that allows users to create and conduct highly flexible surveys automatically.
  • Ideal Systems Mobile Office will let your agents or anyone in your company handle Genesys interactions from any place (including home) using a simple mobile device. Genesys will still record, control and manage the interactions the same way it is done in your contact center.
  • Outleads –Captures Google Analytics for Contact centers and marketing to enhance the customer experience.
  • PureInsights Configurable Dashboard displays popular stats for contact centers real time, with alerts, from a browser.
  • Smoke Customer IntelligenceEyerys is a pre-designed Voice of the Customer survey solution that’s plug and play into the Genesys ecosystem.
  • Softphone – CRM Connectors integrate all Genesys Cloud channels to Dynamics 365, ServiceNow, Sugar CRM and Oracle Service Cloud.
  • Virtuatell Synaptum is an automated customer experience feedback survey available via phone, email, web, chat and SMS.
  • VideoEngagerSmartVideo allows for customer-agent escalation from chat, email, voice, SMS and social media to live, interactive video chat to enhance the customer experience.

Genesys Cloud users can easily search for more free trial apps through our new tagging capability. Visit the AppFoundry Marketplace today.