COVID-19: Prioritizing Health and Safety

The impact of COVID-19 and the challenges it presents are difficult on a personal and business level, with widespread implications for how we work, where we travel, the events we attend in our communities and much more. Genesys is committed to protecting our employees’ health and public safety while continuing to support the needs of our customers and partners. Across every function, we’re taking numerous precautionary measures to navigate this global health crisis to the best of our abilities.

Flexible Support for Customers and Partners

COVID-19 has already severely impacted organizations and their ability to operate normally. Our cloud solutions are accessible from anywhere, so we can provide flexibility to our customers and partners. For example, when the virus began to spread, we gave several customers with operations in China complimentary licenses to support remote work. They were up and running in just two weeks. So far, this has helped our customers keep nearly 20,000 of their employees working safely at home, thus mitigating their risk of exposure.

We recognize that amidst a growing global health crisis, we can do more — and we want customers and partners to know we’re here to support them. As such, we’ve rolled out interim licensing programs to help customers across the globe maintain business continuity. For some, this means enabling a remote workforce, which is why we’re offering 90-day temporary licenses at no charge. For others, it could mean helping to manage an unexpected surge in inbound customer service inquiries that wasn’t scheduled or budgeted. In those cases, we won’t charge premiums for overages.

Regardless of the specific challenges our customers and partners face, our goal is to help them preserve the health and safety of their workforce while carrying out business as usual, even as we all face unprecedented challenges. This includes creating a safe environment for our employees, so they’re able to continue supporting the businesses who rely upon Genesys.

Helping Genesys Employees Stay Safe

Out of utmost caution, we’ve encouraged our employees across the world to make their own health a priority and have asked them to work remotely if they can. For example, we’ve gone 100% virtual in the locations with the highest risk.

Even before COVID-19, “business as usual” for Genesys has always been “business anywhere” — in the office, at home or on the road. Most of our employees were already equipped with the tools they needed to do their jobs and connect with others virtually, so this shift is seamless. We’re operating normally, and customers and partners won’t experience a change in service from Genesys.

While a high number of our employees are now working from home, we know that many contingent workers don’t have that flexibility. And, we don’t think their livelihood should be impacted as a result of COVID-19 containment strategies, which is why we’ll continue to pay their regular earnings even if they work fewer hours.

As a global company, our employees attend many important industry, partner, and customer events and meetings, which often necessitate cross-border and domestic travel. Our current guidance to employees is to participate virtually whenever possible. In addition, we support any employee’s decision to refrain from travel if they choose.

Next Steps

We have established a task force to continually monitor the situation and evaluate further courses of action, as needed. This includes Genesys Xperience 20, the industry’s premier event for customer experience leaders, which has been postponed. Our team is working out all the details and the latest information will be posted as it becomes available.

The Genesys Coronavirus Taskforce is meeting regularly to ensure we stay in sync with the leading health entities, including the World Health Organization, the Centers for Disease Control and governments around the world. We’re committed to taking additional steps, as necessary, to support our employees, customers and partners to ensure we all get through this period of uncertainty together.

Genesys customers and partners that need help can simply contact us