Prioritize Employee Experience with Gamification and Personalized Development

Happy employees create a better, more productive workforce. To meet customer service levels, your employees must be well-trained, productive and efficient. Managing and improving the employee  experience in your contact center shouldn’t be optional.

Now imagine if you prioritized your employees’ day-to-day experience.

Great employee experience is fundamental to achieving customer experience goals in an organization. It leads to better employee performance, lower costs and better contact center performance. This all happens when employees can effectively collaborate with their teams and are given opportunities to continuously improve. According to Gartner Research, individual employee performance increases by 20.6% when they can collaborate effectively.

The Multi-Faceted Employee Development Journey

Personalizing the employee development journey — starting with onboarding — is equally important. Give your employees personalized development plans that support their growth and meet their skill and performance levels. An effective performance management plan must include strategically delivered onboarding, continuous learning and training, and coaching. Having visibility into your team performance — and then recognizing and rewarding how they’re meeting those goals is also key to motivating employees so they can continuously improve.

Recently, contact center platforms and traditional workforce optimization vendors have begun placing greater emphasis on “easy-to-use” performance management tools. There are countless “best-in-class” solutions for each area of improving employee performance — eLearning and training, coaching, performance analytics, and more. But these external tools need to integrate with each other. And that adds costs and operational complexity to the contact center.

When employees have to navigate different platforms to not only do their jobs but also improve their skills, it can be exhausting and inefficient. Ultimately, this will lead to disengagement, low productivity and poor performance.

In 2021, fostering a great employee experience is too important to be optional. And you shouldn’t have to choose between empowering your employees and meeting objectives.

An Employee-Centric Experience for Better Results

Give your employees tools that let them work together efficiently — and offer the personalized experience they need to do their jobs successfully. The Genesys Cloud platform gives you a complete set of tools to effectively unite and engage employees while developing their skills, regardless of their roles in the contact center.

With Genesys Cloud, employees can view and manage their performance and development from a single view — in real time. And it lets you “gamify” their day-to-tasks with personalized scorecards and leaderboards to create a more fun, focused and motivating workplace experience. Employees also can track assigned eLearning, access scheduled coaching and training sessions, view their overall performance and personal bests, and see how their performance compares to past trends as well as that of their peers.

A personalized hub gives your employees a single view into their performance and development. And these employee development capabilities are included in the customer experience platform they already use. So it’s intuitive. Watch this short video to see what personalized employee experience looks like.

Employee experience is just as important as customer experience. The right technology can empower you to improve both. Read this checklist on how to build your ideal workforce engagement solution.