One Small Step: Making Every Call Mission-Critical

At 02:56:15 UTC on July 21, 1969, Neil Armstrong became the first person to step onto the surface of the moon during the Apollo 11 mission. The world paused for a moment — watching and listening as Armstrong uttered those famous words explaining his experience. And, in that critial moment 50 years ago, the Poly headset he used to communicate between astronauts and mission control, functioned flawlessly.

The brand promise between you and your customers is tested every day, and in every single transaction — whether it’s in a physical store, online or while waiting to speak to a customer representative. User experience is an evermore important topic in the contact center — and every interaction is mission critical. As workspaces evolve to include remote agents connecting through video and conference solutions like speaker phones, noise mitigation is key to a good user experience.

Worker exposure to noise leads to lower productivity levels, stress and physical ailments like headaches — and all these factors lead to unplanned work absences that wreak havoc on capacity planning. Poly offers a comprehensive approach to noise mitigation, from soundscaping to active-noise cancelling and acoustic-fence technology, and comprehensive born-in-the-cloud management platforms. At the recent Genesys Xperience19 event in Denver, Poly showcased its Genesys® PureCloud® integration and compatibility across our Encore Pro and Savi headsets as well as the USB adapter portfolio with the PureEngageTM application.

The ability to interact with the PureCloud WebRTC client using the Plantronics DA series adaptor — without touching the software client — makes for a more intuitive and user-friendly experience for contact center agents. And it can shave valuable seconds off each call during the day. The durable solution also was engineered to withstand the constant use and wear of the contact center.

Poly also demonstrated key products in in the VVX IP phone line, all of which are certified across the PureEngage, PureConnectTM and PureCloud applications, as well as team collaboration applications and small footprint conferencing solutions like the Calisto range of speaker phones.

To follow 50th anniversary of the first walk on the moon, visit our us online and follow @polyCompany on Twitter. For more information on Genesys integrations, visit Poly at G-Summit Europe in September, or visit the Genesys AppFoundry Marketplace listing. You can also view their webinar with Genesys on-demand at your convenience.

This blog post was co-authored by Declan Doyle. Declan serves as the Senior Manager – Global Contact Center  Alliance Go-To-Market for Poly. In this role Declan help orchestrate the Global GTM for contact center alliance partners. Prior to joining the Alliances GTM team, Declan spent several years with Plantronics based out Ireland, where he was an instrumental part of the alliances GTM in UK&I working with partners ranging from Microsoft across IBM to Cisco just to name a few.