Omnichannel Customer Experience: Can Your Agents Deliver?

While much has changed in customer experience over the years, one thing that has remained constant is the critical role of the contact center agent. Even in the age of digital channels and advanced self-service, when sales and loyalty are on the line it’s still the agent that ultimately makes or breaks the customer experience. And, the stakes are now even higher to delight customers across any communication channel they use.

So, what are you doing as a customer service executive or contact center manager to ensure that they have the right tools and training they need to be successful in today’s omnichannel world?

Introducing the Omnichannel Agent Desktop of the Future

Genesys recently launched the next generation of the Genesys Customer Experience Platform. You can read the announcement here.

With a focus on helping companies better manage end-to-end customer journeys, the latest Genesys platform is all about enabling agents to efficiently and effectively deliver omnichannel customer experiences.

A single, omnichannel desktop empowers your agents to get the job done and allows them to handle interactions across all channels, as well as manage work items with supporting context and knowledge – all in one place. Context is maintained over time and across transfers between different agents and interactions.

The result is that agents can carry out seamless conversations and deliver better experiences throughout each customer journey while seeing each step of a customer’s journey with contextually relevant responses for every interaction.

If you’d like to learn more about the next generation of the Genesys Customer Experience, see the video below:

If you like to see the Genesys Omnichannel Agent Desktop in action, we’d be happy to demo it for you. Just click here to schedule today!