Moving Beyond the Hype: Generating Real Business Value with Artificial Intelligence

There is so much buzz around artificial intelligence (AI) that it’s almost deafening. The topic grabs headlines regularly, yet many believe it’s over-hyped and hasn’t lived up to its reputation. While others think we’re just a few steps away from robots taking over millions of jobs. As with all things in life, the truth lies somewhere in the middle.

And, to complicate things even further, a plethora of vendors are claiming “AI” in products that aren’t using the intelligent technology at all. At the same time, other vendors are introducing AI solutions, but few really know how to deliver them effectively and affordably. According to recent research by McKinsey, “much of the AI adoption outside of the tech sector is at an early, experimental stage. Few firms have deployed it at scale.”

Delivering the Value of Artificial Intelligence

For many businesses, AI is a minefield of uncertainty. Early adopters are embracing elements of AI, but mass adoption is years away. In fact, McKinsey’s survey went on to show that the vast majority of C-suite executives are unsure about where to obtain it as well as how to apply it, integrate it and assess the return on investment.

This is primarily because implementing AI used to be challenging, especially if businesses were integrating multiple AI products from disparate vendors. Every time an AI application was added, it meant the organization had to blend together different datasets. It was difficult and time intensive, not to mention that the data scientists required for such an exercise were hard to come by.

The way to deliver AI at scale is to offer ready-to-go solutions designed to leverage certain data in order to optimize specific business outcomes. For instance, if you ’re interested in elevating your businesses’ Net Promoter Score® by five points, use Predictive Routing. Or, if you want to reduce the cost of a lead by up to 50 percent, try Predictive Engagement.

The key here is that our customers want to consume a product with proven ability to deliver targeted outcomes, not invest in a project with unclear results.

Leveraging Artificial Intelligence at Scale

When it comes to helping customers successfully tap into the value of AI, there’s more to it, which is why we take a different and more holistic approach at Genesys. For us, winning with AI isn’t a race to deliver one application here or one application there. It’s about helping our customers achieve value from it, and it starts by enabling them to realize their entire AI strategy with a single data model. That’s why, through the power of Kate, the Genesys AI platform, we’re injecting AI throughout our entire customer experience suite, giving our customers the ability to integrate AI at a pace that suits them.

In fact, as part of last week’s release of our Winter Innovations, we’ve introduced a series of AI-infused products on one platform. We’re giving businesses apps for routing; chatbots and voice bots; interaction analytics; forecasting/scheduling and predictive engagement – all fueled by AI. In their own right, all provide individually compelling benefits. But when combined, they deliver exponentially better business outcomes as a result of greatly enriched data sourced from across the customer and employee experience.

Automation at Work

Let’s take a closer look at a couple of AI-powered applications we recently made available: Genesys Automated Forecasting and Scheduling. These new offerings empower employees to work smarter with AI and automation. Ahead of competitive offerings, they enable businesses to use AI to predict the best possible staffing schedules with unprecedented speed and accuracy, while saving time and money in the process.

Genesys Automated Forecasting and Scheduling, as well as other Winter Innovations, are available as cloud services across the company’s product portfolio, which includes the Genesys Cloud™, PureConnect™, and Genesys Multicloud CX™ platforms.

Now, businesses of all sizes can implement a single AI platform from Genesys that will serve as the foundation for their entire AI strategy. Our Winter Innovations deliver real AI value at scale. That’s how businesses can move past the AI hype-cycle and achieve exponentially better business results.

Register for the Genesys Winter Innovations webinar for an overview of the new Genesys Automated Forecasting and Scheduling and to hear more about what’s new and what’s next from Genesys.