Modernize Your Contact Center With Confidence

Lasting, positive change is almost always the outcome of a well-thought-out, deliberately paced plan. In the case of customer experience transformation, successful change requires far more than a plan to deploy new technology with a fixed start and end date. Change should be viewed as a journey, built on a relationship with a partner who guides your evolution from outdated systems to a modern omnichannel customer experience that moves your business forward.

At Genesys, we consider our prescriptive migration approach a transformational journey toward successful change with three distinct phases: walk, run, fly. This approach enables you to minimize risk and disruption while building a solid foundation for your future.

Illuminate a Clear Path for the Future
Carpenters and builders will tell you that it’s always wise to measure twice and cut once. The same best practice applies for you to modernize your contact center. Thoughtful planning is essential to achieve desired goals and outcomes. This is why our approach begins with an assessment to create a realistic roadmap and a phased migration strategy to help you realize your customer experience vision.

The preliminary assessment consists of two onsite workshops to determine the current and future state of your contact center and define a roadmap based on Genesys use cases that are aligned with your requirements. This step ensures your move to a modern contact center solution is successful.

Once use cases are defined, financial benefit benchmarks and a solution proposal are provided so you can support your internal business case to modernize your contact center. In other words, you’ll be able to show stakeholders what’s possible and what can be gained.

Taking all your unique business needs into account, the initial phase, or the “walk” phase, is when you move your core contact center environment to a Genesys solution — without losing any functionality. During this phase, you can expect to:

  • Migrate to an extensible, reliable platform
  • Leverage inbound voice routing, reporting IVR, desktop and workforce management
  • Develop a holistic vision for customer experience and a more in-depth strategic plan

In this early phase, and throughout every phase of your transformation, you can count on Genesys to be there as you move forward at your desired pace as you modernize your contact center.

Once we’ve established a solid foundation, it’s time to extend your customer reach by offering access in multiple channels and proactively reaching out to customers. You might want to:

  • Build out digital channels
  • Develop context-based, next-best actions
  • Define holistic and trackable outcomes and performance metrics based on best practices
  • Expand employee engagement capabilities to include skills assessments, real-time training delivery and coaching tools

It’s time to apply data, learning and artificial intelligence (AI) to optimize every interaction and personalize engagement. This includes:

  • Speech and text analytics to shape conversations; sales and marketing efforts; and staff coaching, development, and assessment
  • Journey analytics for customer engagement analysis
  • Predictive engagement and machine learning
  • Digital support with bots and AI

The Story Doesn’t End With a Successful Deployment
As your long-term partner, Genesys is with you all the way as you use, evolve and continue to plan your customer experience strategy.  This means you maximize the value of your technology investment while positioning yourself for continued growth.

Start your customer experience transformation today. Download the Genesys migration planning kit to begin your successful transformation.