Mobile World Congress 2018 Wrap-up

Mobile World Congress, the largest global event for the mobile industry, wrapped up for another year after a week of incredible innovation in mobile technology and customer experience.

We exhibited the fundamental ways we’re changing customer experience in the face of automation—with a focus on connecting the moments that matter through artificial intelligence (AI), augmented and virtual reality, and the Internet of Things (IoT).

For Genesys, it’s about bringing those moments together for your customers so that they can have a smoother, richer and ultimately more satisfying experience. The desire for flexibility in customer experience was a key point of conversation in Barcelona this week. Check out my round-up video from the event.

Connectivity and Its Impact on CX: Mobile World Congress 2018

Customer Sensitivity vs Bot Efficiency

It was clear from our discussions during the live demos of Kate and Blended AI by Genesys that to create a seamless experience for our customers, we must blend artificial intelligence and humans for the best customer experience.

People sometimes just want a human connection, especially when the reasons for contacting customer service is sensitive or emotional.  That’s why at Genesys we effortlessly blend the human touch with AI and the efficiency of bots.

Improving Business Operations

In the spirit of Mobile World Congress 2018 much of the discussion this week was centered on how we can create a better future for our customers by creating a better future for our business operations and vice versa.

Our live demo illustrated just how that can be done via the omnichannel experience. We’re always seeking to strengthen the relationship between you and your customers and the necessity of that pursuit became even more apparent in Barcelona.  Watch the video to learn more about Blended AI and Kate.

Blended AI and How it Improves CX: Mobile World Congress 2018

Additional Artificial Intelligence Resources

It’s been a very productive week at MWC. It’s great to be a part of world-changing and society-defining innovation and technology, especially when it comes to redefining how the world thinks about customer experience. Check out additional resources to continue your journey into artificial intelligence.