Make GDPR Your Ally, Not Your Compliance Foe

Game of Thrones fans understand that the phrase “Winter is coming” is not a simple reminder of the change of seasons, but a deeper warning to steel yourself against the harsh challenges of an impending onslaught of forces— both known and unknown. At the same time, compliance and security fans (yes, I am that guy!) understand that the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is not a simple data privacy regulation; it’s potentially a signal that big data has to change. Fortunately, embracing GDPR is a little easier than facing a horde of snow zombies, and the Genesys Purecloud® platform is gearing up.

Preparing for GDPR Regulations

Like the armies massing for the next battle in Game of Thrones, businesses across Europe are gathering their strength to meet GDPR head-on—and the PureCloud platform is in the thick of it. But unlike fictional forces in the faraway land of Westeros—going into battle without knowing when or where their fate will be written—we know exactly when GDPR is coming. The regulations go into enforcement on May 25, 2018.

Just as importantly, we know the lay of the land and the obstacles ahead. Unlike the inscrutable White Walkers staring across the Thrones’ battlefields, the text of the GDPR isn’t that difficult to understand. From the regulations, we can grasp the basics, such as the rights the GDPR guarantees to individuals in Europe. These include better disclosure of data processing, better access to personal data and the right to be forgotten.

But what can be easy to miss in the rush to surmount this next compliance obstacle is how to use these regulations to improve your customer relationships. Businesses that are required to implement new data privacy and protection regimes have an opportunity to look beyond this impending battle and achieve victories that last longer than the last season of Game of Thrones.

The Role of Data Privacy in the Customer Journey

The GDPR forces a new level of transparency for data processors (e.g., Genesys PureCloud) and data controllers (e.g., Genesys customers). We recognize this as an opportunity to lean in and provide our customers—and their customers—with even more useful and comprehensive summaries of how the PureCloud platform handles personal data. Genesys already provides web-accessible help through the PureCloud Resource Center; we will provide even more information so our customers can easily find answers to their own GDPR questions about the PureCloud platform—without having to dig up a forgotten license agreement or consult an expensive attorney.

The GDPR also forces businesses to use the minimum amount of data necessary to successfully complete their tasks. Like the most stalwart characters of Game of Thrones who understand the inevitable demise of their defenses, prudent businesses prepare for inevitable data breaches. Fortunately, complying with data minimization by rigorously examining each PureCloud microservice, or other methods such as pseudonymization and anonymization reduces the likelihood of exposing personal data through a security incident.

Once May 25th arrives, businesses with customers in the European Union must be ready for the GDPR. But looking beyond the harsh fines of regulatory enforcement, these businesses can take advantage of the systems they use for personal data processing, such as the PureCloud platform, to improve their relationships with their customers. Only at first glance does the GDPR resemble the horde of invaders our favorite Game of Thrones characters face. When you look closer, it offers opportunities to gain trust with customers in the impending thaw.

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