Jack Be Nimble, Jack Be Quick: PureConnect Cloud Gets It Right

There’s a lot of wisdom in classic nursery rhymes.

Nimble and quick is what made Southwest Airlines into a powerhouse of efficiency, in part by using only a single aircraft —the Boeing 737. It gave Southwest supreme flexibility to move pilots and crews to any flight seamlessly while streamlining training for mechanics and lowering inventory costs. It also created an economy of scale in procurement from the airline manufacturer.

Add “safe and secure” to that nimble-quick mix and now you’re talking about the advantages of PureConnect Cloud, uniquely suited to businesses running private and hybrid cloud ecosystems.

Staying Safe Yet Moving Fast Forward

PureConnect launched in 2009 with a leading-edge approach for the time, building a private cloud infrastructure using specialized, best-in-class hardware to power each function. Since then, public cloud technologies like AWS have evolved to offer IaaS and PaaS to complement SaaS services and they have been widely adopted in the general marketplace. However, moving to a completely virtualized, public environment can introduce risks. Not every business is ready to trust a public cloud model or receive continuous updates that are common in multi-tenant cloud models.

The trap is thinking that you can’t have all the benefits of cloud—including the cost-efficiencies—unless you move to a public cloud.  PureConnect Cloud gives you those benefits but with more options for customization, deployment, and servicing of our solution. Additionally, new technologies allow Genesys to retain the advantages of legacy architecture while introducing next-generation capabilities.  Many of these are the result of a major investment that Genesys has made in the PureConnect platform.

What’s New with PureConnect Cloud?

Nimble, quick and still secure. Genesys has embraced the value proposition of running a hybrid cloud. In partnership with RedHat, we’ve introduced an infrastructure that uses OpenStack infrastructure orchestration and OpenShift container orchestration to enhance the agility and efficiency of PureConnect Cloud. Going forward, PureConnect will be able to automate the build of customized, virtual private cloud infrastructures to complement the adaptability of the application.

In addition, look forward to more rapid provisioning of an entire highly available ecosystem. With that, we can instantly recover any component in the event of performance impairment or failure. And, using a combination of virtual machines and containers, we can optimize performance and standardize some components so we can leverage multiple platforms.  This cloud-agnostic approach is key to PureConnect Cloud flexibility.

Do you have particular concerns about security? We can apply controls through security groups to segregate workloads, isolate tenants logically or physically, and institute customized security policies to further harden your environment. You may want coordination with other platforms. Or you might have a compute-heavy process that you’d like to scale on an alternative private or public cloud. We can do that while keeping proprietary and sensitive routines within the confines of the PureConnect Cloud secure environment.

Regardless of your preferred deployment architecture, the advantages of PureConnect Cloud add up:

Faster time to value

The adoption of software-defined networking (SDN) technology and upcoming web enablement of PureConnect features will remove the need for MPLS. This eliminates time-consuming installs while we get you up and running with end-to-end virtual builds of your environment. As a single tenant cloud-based solution, we deploy updates, new features, and services quickly into existing environments, based on the rules (and schedule) you define.

Enhanced platform stability

More automation reduces uncertainty, especially as you customize your environment or take advantage of proactive features. Our traditionally excellent track record for platform availability will be enhanced by our new technologies. They’ll bring more rapid problem isolation, recovery, and remediation.

Dynamic and flexible network and connectivity capability

Infrastructure will be more “elastic.” PureConnect Cloud can offer the flexibility to spin up an environment in minutes, seamlessly accommodate diverse network connectivity and interface with public and private clouds.   

Your Existing Partners May Know Best

Genesys offers best-in-class professional services for seamless configuration, delivery, and customization of PureConnect.  However, some businesses have uniquely specialized requirements and needs for all their systems. Others simply have existing long-term relationships with partners. Genesys works side-by-side with consultants and solutions providers, empowering them with Genesys tools and training. PureConnect Cloud has reinvented our Partner Program. Enhanced tools and capabilities help partners deliver a more comprehensive menu of services and engagement to customers.

We will continue to support our partner community with resources and education on our solutions. Also, we’re developing capabilities that will enable certain partners to host their own cloud solutions using Genesys software.

Most of all, PureConnect Cloud enbles you to create exceptional customer experiences. It can be in consultation with us or with a Genesys certified trusted advisor—whether your optimal business outcomes can be achieved in a Genesys cloud or Partner cloud.

Keep the Focus on Customer Experience

You may not be ready to swim in the public cloud or maybe you want to avoid it completely.  Now you can have the elastic compute capability of the cloud with more security than possible in public clouds. In addition, you’ll and enjoy the PureConnect Cloud lower total cost of ownership.

Think of all the ways to deliver great customer experience and then consider nimble, quick and secure PureConnect Cloud. See how fast you can reap the rewards of this all-in-one solution.

Watch this recent on-demand webinar and see a demo of PureConnect.