Intentionality Plus Empathy Equals Sustainable Impact

At Genesys, we have intentionally created a path to sustainability that’s unique to us. It’s rooted in empathy, one of our core values, and fueled with passion. It’s an organic extension of how we want to show up for our employees, our communities and our customers. We extend our values of sustainability and the ability to deliver empathy to others through our technology – enabling our customers to meet the needs of their communities while making a minimal impact on the environment.

When we started our sustainability journey almost three years ago, we established a baseline and set forth the goals for Genesys to contribute to a more sustainable future for the communities where we work and live. In this time, we have been dedicated to driving positive change in everything we do.

The 2022 Genesys Sustainability report outlines the progress we’ve made toward those goals, including year-on-year reductions in emissions and increased diverse representation across the organization. It also demonstrates the new ways Genesys customers are using our technology to orchestrate positive experiences on people’s lives — for their employees and their customers.

Some of the progress accomplished in FY23:

  • Improving from a Bronze to a Gold rating by EcoVadis in less than two years — placing Genesys in the top 5% of the more 100,000 companies assessed by the organization, and in the top 1% of those in the software provider industry.
  • Achieving LEED Platinum certifications for its new offices in Galway, Ireland; and Menlo Park, California. The establishment of LEED-certified buildings is a vital piece in addressing climate change, meeting Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) goals, enhancing resilience and support more equitable communities.
  • Committing to setting science-based targets (SBTi) for its near-term emissions reductions.
  • Charitable organizations have used the Genesys Cloud™ platform to orchestrate over 40 million interactions.
  • Increased representation of underrepresented groups in leadership (director and above) in the US; representation among leadership in the US is now at 22.5%.
  • Achieved an increase in underrepresented groups in the US workforce; representation among the US workforce is now 24.5%.

Customer Sustainability and the End-to-End Experience

Genesys technology can be used to directly improve a company’s sustainability posture. For example, a leading US communication service provider uses Pointillist by Genesys to deliver empathetic, personalized experience at scale – while at the same time reducing its carbon emissions.

Using the Pointillist Customer Journey Data Hub, the company can target customer behaviors and device events that trigger a truck roll initiation, cancellation and rescheduling. A truck roll is a service dispatch in which a field technician must visit a customer; and these truck rolls affect not only a company’s bottom line and customer satisfaction – but also its overall carbon emissions.

Using actionable analytics that the Pointillist Customer Journey Data Hub generated, the service provider increased its IVR automation, improved bot design and better leveraged outbound messaging for specific repairs. This helped the company reduce no-show truck rolls by 53%, improving its Net Promoter Score by 4% and reducing its overall carbon emissions.

Effecting Change Everyday

When I began on my sustainability journey with Genesys, I recognized it would involve everyone — our One Genesys team, our partners, our customers and our prospects. We’ve made significant progress over the past years as we emerge as a sustainability leader within our sector. I also recognize we still have work to do – and that’s incredibly exciting.

There are limitless opportunities to be change agents through our 2030 goals to be carbon neutral, to have a workforce as diverse as the communities where we work and to maximize our impact through ethical business practices.

Read our 2022 Sustainability Report to learn more about our amazing progress and learn how you can start on your sustainability journey with Genesys Cloud.