Infographic: Triumph in Your Quest for Digital Transformation

I inherited my first car: a “three-on-the-tree,” manual shift ’69 Ford Fairlane. Built like a Sherman tank, with a lot of horsepower and room for half the Thomas A. Edison Drill Team, Lizzie was my sweet ride every day and into college. Until the day she wasn’t. My off-campus apartment, job commute, and frequent trips home were more than she could reliably handle at her age. I had heard stories of car buying experiences and was apprehensive (make that terrified) of the entire process.

But my Granddad, an experienced car driver, buyer, and mechanic, helped guide me on my quest, and soon I had an affordable, reliable, gas-efficient car stacked with standard features I could only dream about with Lizzie. I didn’t have to worry about engine trouble, expensive trips to the gas station, or constant maintenance just to stay on the road. And if I had known how much fun a feisty five-speed manual was, I’d have made the change sooner.

If you’re responsible for customer experience in your organization, you may be facing your own quest to meet rising customer expectations. It’s time to escape the limitations of the status quo, but the quest for digital transformation seems daunting. It requires traversing hostile terrain and facing formidable giants. That’s where an experienced guide can help, with a proven plan to map out a path to success, anticipate obstacles, and make it easy for you to pursue your quest with confidence.

The first stage of your journey is establishing the right foundation, moving off aging systems and onto a single, modern CX platform that is digital-ready. With a proven plan, your guide helps you overcome the obstacles of risk and disruption, so you and your trusted companions safely reach your destination. You are up and running and seeing business value quickly.

But creating the right operational foundation doesn’t get you to the ultimate goal of your quest. You can keep moving forward with certainty – your guide is with you all the way. With the right foundation in place, you can confidently add the digital channels your customers crave. And you can solve the dilemma of how to know your customers and anticipate their needs because your guide is still there to help you take advantage of data, learning and Artificial Intelligence (AI) across your customers’ journeys.

Sure, there will be tests and trials. However, with the right approach and expert guidance, they won’t slow you down. The status quo will become only a distant memory. Customers will thank you for a more natural, human experience. And you take home the prize of higher customer satisfaction, loyalty, and lifetime value.

Learn more about how you can triumph in the quest for digital transformation from the infographic below. Join Genesys and Frost & Sullivan for the Virtual summit: Contact center modernization and the dangers of standing still