Infographic: Finding Work-Life Balance While Providing Excellent Customer Experience

Despite being the market leader, Swisscard struggled with ongoing changes in the marketplace and market saturation. To differentiate itself from others in the market, Swisscard chose to emphasize superior customer service. The credit card company chose the Genesys Customer Experience Platform to handle all capabilities needed for core operations.

“We got state-of-the art technology with a proven omnichannel path, plus the ability to virtualize workloads for flexible resourcing,” said Michael Marek, Head of Operations at Swisscard.

The Genesys platform enables virtualization, letting Swisscard integrate its 130-seat contact center and specialists and back-office workers. Virtualization capabilities also give Swisscard staff a better work-life balance — with the option to work from home. And that strengthens the company’s ability to attract and retain talent.

In total, more than 350 users benefit from the intelligent planning, routing and reporting capabilities of the Genesys solution. Before this, tasks were manually selected. Now, work is pushed to employees automatically. This paradigm shift has delivered dramatic efficiency gains.

Genesys technology, along with an investment in its agents, have positively affected overall business at Swisscard. In just one year, its Net Promoter Score climbed by 32%, coupled with an estimated 9% uptick in productivity.

“We’ve taken a huge stride toward an omnichannel customer experience and our goals of integrated digital channels, single queues and orchestrated customer journeys,” concluded Marek. “Having a partner like Genesys is a major factor behind that success.”

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