Increase Engagement with CX Knowledge Management

When a customer has a question, all they want is an answer and they want it fast – and it helps if the answer is given in a confident and engaging way. And agents pride themselves when they connect with the customer and create a brand advocate by answering their inquiry in a timely manner and maybe even go above and beyond to help with issues the client hadn’t expected. Such a simple equation solved with a Knowledge Management System (KMS) built to answer questions, not just deliver documents.  Unfortunately, most KMS are designed as a document repository which is not very helpful when you have a customer waiting for an answer.

Customer experience professionals know customers want answers, not information

To supplement, traditional KMS organizations fall back on lengthy and intense induction programs trying to have the new team members memorize as much as possible.  It is no wonder the agent is stressed and anxious in their first three to six months while they become competent by memorizing answers or locating and interpreting lengthy documents.  Regretfully during that period, they place an additional burden on the experienced agents while they place the customer on hold and wait their turn to ask for help. This could lead to high agent attrition in the contact center.

Purpose built Customer Experience Knowledge Management Systems (CXKMS) have features which help deliver answers (not documents) to questions and can be configured to recognize the customer journey so the likely follow-up questions are delivered automatically. It all starts with a fast, intuitive search and simple consistent format answers and the opportunity for the user to provide fast feedback to help ensure the answers are up to date and configured in the right way.  Quality CXKM systems also have features to reduce complex policies down to a couple of simple questions AND convenient process guidance which can make all agents look like experts.

Expert staff are confident that they can handle any inquiry and are ready to focus on engaging with the caller, this leads to increased customer advocacy, boosted sales and happy agents.

Once your agents know they can rely on accessing the answer to any customer question with a simple search, they will start enjoying actually connecting with callers. This not only makes coming to work a breeze, it also means they will find opportunities to cross-sell and increase sales as they have confidence in the system and their recommendations.

Smartphones allow customers to engage with organizations through a multitude of channels 24/7 – organizations must have one single source CXKM system linked to all channels if they hope to deliver the same correct and consistent answer to customer inquiries.

In today’s environment customers often want to find their own answers through a multitude of channels and become frustrated if they have to interpret long PDFs on a website or, worse, find conflicting answers on different channels.  Purpose built CXKM systems are capable of linking to any Communications Channel and deliver the same, simple to understand answers no matter what channel customers ask.

“We achieved an increase in sales of 40% from staff who used livepro vs staff who referred to livepro infrequently” – IAG

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This post was co-authored by Brad Shaw, CEO at livepro. He is a highly successful company director, CEO & Business Coach, who helps professionals achieve the same high levels of success that his own companies enjoy Brad has always focused on developing strong customer advocacy as the growth driver in business. In April 2013, after working with the livepro team for a short while, Brad bought a controlling interest & as CEO started charting its path to become the multichannel Customer Experience Knowledge Management system organizations who care about customer service have to have. Brad and the livepro team are passionate about helping livepro clients deliver the perfect answer to their customers no matter what channel they prefer to ask the question.