Improve Agent Efficiency with Multi-Monitor Screen Recording

While recording calls and digital interactions are fairly common practices in today’s contact center, screen recording adoption has been a bit slower. But times are changing. Organizations are now more committed to improving the customer experience, as well as their quality and compliance practices. They recognize the value in monitoring how agents manage conversations, enter information, access resources, and follow compliance processes.

Using additional monitors gives agents quick access to frequently used apps and systems. And that can improve workflow efficiency. This makes it necessary for high-resolution screen recordings to capture activities on each monitor — in sync with the recorded interaction.

In Part 1, we explored the benefits of recording customer interactions and contact center agent desktop activities. In this article, we’ll look more closely at the benefits of screen recording and how some Genesys CloudTM customers use it in their contact centers. Then we’ll dive deeper into capabilities available in the Genesys Cloud solution.

Multiple Monitor Successes

We asked some Genesys Cloud customers what benefits they’ve seen when recording multiple monitors. Here’s what we learned.

An 811 Center: In the utility sector, 811 contact centers, also known as call-before-you-dig, provide critical services to homeowners, contractors and utility companies in the United States. Upon request, 811 centers schedule when utility lines are marked to prevent unintentional digging where underground utility lines are located.

Agents in these contact centers also use multiple monitors to gain more screen real-estate to run the Genesys Cloud app with a ticketing system for working with various utilities. The ticketing system also involves maps — and agents often open additional tabs or screens to access Google Maps or Bing.

These 811 centers also handle tickets related to damages to utilities or emergencies, such as downed power lines and gas leaks. These types of tickets are reviewed to verify proper handling for safety and compliance purposes and to verify the agent’s total focus on the situation at hand.

Screen recording of each monitor in use on the agent desktop takes the guesswork out of the verification process, making it possible to assess the workflow process and ensure ongoing safety and compliance practices.

Technology Online Retailer: A large online tech retailer for computer hardware, consumer electronics, office, and business products with high standards for customer experience also offered its take on the benefits of using multiple monitors.

Contact center agents handle interactions across multiple channels, such as product/pricing questions, orders/returns, shipping, payment, and website navigation. To best respond to customer questions, agents use multiple monitors to increase screen real-estate and keep frequently used resources open for quick access. Customers expect agents to not only be tech-savvy but also have excellent communication skills. And they want agents to focus on supporting their needs while efficiently handling the interaction.

This customer-focused contact center has those same agent expectations, in addition to potential PHI compliance issues. Multi-monitor screen recording helps this contact center in numerous ways: It can determine if agents are cruising the internet or multi-tasking at some other activity while working with a customer on their main monitor.

Genesys Cloud Multi-Monitor Screen Recording Overview

Implementing screen recording on multiple monitors in the Genesys Cloud platform offers can benefit your contact center in various ways. Here’s a look at just a few.

  • Ability to record up to four monitors.
  • Supports recording monitors with a 4K resolution.
  • Using the secure pause feature during an interaction will simultaneously pause the screen recordings to maintain compliance.
  • Each monitor is recorded as an individual recording and will include the monitor orientation.
  • When downloading screen recordings that include multiple monitors, all available recordings will be included.
  • Genesys Cloud uses encryption to protect recorded voice interactions, digital interactions, screen recordings and voice transcripts from unauthorized access.

Screen Recording Playback

  • Recording playback displays all recorded monitors.
  • Secure pause of voice interactions synchs playback of audio and screen recordings.
  • Choosing to focus on one of the monitors will enlarge the selected screen recording for playback. The other monitors will continue to display to the right side.
  • Viewing screen recordings will reflect the user’s monitor order and layout. It also will sync the playback of all monitors. For voice calls, audio syncs with the screen recording.

Learn more about screen recording in Genesys Cloud in our Resource Center.