Boost Quality and Compliance with Multi-Monitor Screen Recording

Contact centers play a significant role in the organizations they support. Recording all types of customer interactions — email, chat, SMS, messaging channels and calls — is a basic requirement to make sure agents delight customers, support business processes and follow appropriate compliance requirements.

Contact centers that are focused on quality, compliance, and continual process improvements must also use screen recording to get the full picture. Recording agent desktop activity provides visibility to agent workflow, resources, and compliance. Genesys CloudTM agent desktop screen recording capabilities let you record up to four agent desktop monitors during any media-type ACD interaction.

The Case for More Monitors

In the days when agents primarily answered phone calls and accessed just one or two systems at a time, recording a single monitor was fine. But today, agent computers are the access point for handling various types of interactions, utilizing internal knowledge and communication applications as well as numerous other systems.

In busy contact centers, agents use multiple monitors — potentially up to four at a time.  This allows agents to handle interactions more efficiently with easy access to various resources. However, it raises some concerns about agent multi-tasking, unrelated browser use, and workflow issues.

It’s important to record each monitor an agent uses when handling customer interactions. If screen recording isn’t capturing the activity on each screen in use, you don’t get a 360-degree view of interaction handling.

Benefits of Multi-Monitor Screen Recording

The benefits and value of agent desktop screen recording are undisputed. As agents add more monitors to efficiently support customers, recording each monitor gives you additional visibility. Continually identifying and acting on even small improvements can affect efficiency, quality, customer satisfaction, and the ability to meet compliance requirements for thousands of interactions.

Analyzing recorded interactions and screen recording supports quality management and compliance in the following ways:

  • Improves accuracy and acceptance of quality evaluation — Supervisors can easily resolve disputes
  • Improves processes and efficiency — You can identify why certain types of interactions take longer to handle than others and see variations between agents in handling time and workflows
  • Enables correct use of systems and applications
  • Eliminates workflow issues related to agent problems or system issues
  • Easily handle multiple overlapping interactions
  • Identify needed knowledge resources for agents
  • Meet compliance requirements and regulations
  • Deter unauthorized activity, such as access to sites or data for personal use
  • Offer best practices or share screen recordings for training purposes
  • Monitor and evaluate at-home agents

Quality Assurance, Compliance, and Coaching

Work-from-home options for contact center agents have seen tremendous adoption, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. The Genesys Cloud platform facilitates this transition. And in these new work-from-home environments, the use of multiple monitors and screen recording has never been more important.

Quality management practices are key contributors to improving the customer experience. In the past, a basic practice was to have management team members on the contact center floor for impromptu assistance and coaching. This practice, called “management by walking/wandering around, or MBWA, makes it easier to observe those who are struggling with efficiently navigating the numerous systems and screens as they interact with customers. This active management style can also deter agents from temptations like multi-tasking while interacting with customers on one monitor and cruising the internet on another monitor. When agents know that all their monitors are being recorded, they’re more likely to focus their attention on the customer to resolve the issues at hand.

Because the MBWA style of coaching isn’t possible in the work-from-home scenario, contact centers rely even heavily on being able to see how agents interact with customers on all available communication channels. Genesys Cloud quality Management features make this visibility possible — recording call and digital interactions as well as allowing multi-monitor screen recording.

Policy actions support quality and compliance requirements for setting retention rules based on channels used; managers can specify which interactions should include screen recording. Further, these actions can boost quality evaluation efficiency by adding assignments that automatically notify evaluators based on specific criteria.

As contact center managers listen to call recordings or view recorded digital interactions, they also see the recordings of all monitors in use. They can pop-out screen recordings on a separate monitor for better visibility — and can enlarge any of the recorded monitors.

As interaction recording and screen recordings play in sync — with the ability to pause — evaluators can fully assess an agent’s communication with the customer. They can also monitor has easily that agent navigates resources, follows policy and compliance requirements, and provides customers with excellent service.

Scheduling coaching sessions with agents to listen to recorded calls and view recorded digital interactions and screen recordings are effective ways to support remote agents. This practice lets you offer guidance, which has a positive impact on agent engagement. And, ultimately, that creates a better customer experience.

For more information, learn how multi-monitor screen recording can improve the customer experience and employee performance in your contact center.

In Part 2 of this blog, we’ll dig into some examples of how Genesys Cloud customers use multi-screen recording. We’ll also look at full product capabilities.