Imagine if… You could migrate over 35 siloed contact centers to a single virtual contact center

Imagine consolidating your disparate contact center tools, platforms and end-of-life systems into a single, modern omnichannel customer experience platform. And now imagine that it were actually easy to do.

With the Genesys® PureCloud® platform, companies large and small can migrate from their legacy contact center systems to a modern omnichannel customer experience platform—with low risk, cost, complexity and fast time to value. That’s exactly what Westpac New Zealand did—and the changes translated into multiple improvements for the retail bank.


Westpac New Zealand is one of that country’s largest retail banks. With over 200 branches, nearly 500 ATMs and more than 1.5 million customers, it’s been helping New Zealanders find the right financial solutions since 1861.

Providing an excellent customer experience is important to Westpac, and it designs products and services with the customer in mind. The company believes that providing a differentiated service is a way to set itself apart from the competition.

Before migrating to the PureCloud platform, Westpac struggled with aging, outdated and costly contact center software. Its legacy on-premises platform was prone to outages and had become expensive to maintain. The contact center also had limited functionality (no callback, recording or customization capability). And because it was tied to legacy technology, the contact center couldn’t take advantage of innovations. The ongoing technology failures kept the company from achieving its customer experience vision—and contact center staff morale suffered.

In making the move to a cloud-hosted platform, Westpac sought out a relationship with a dependable partner—a company with a proven track record and that could provide strong after-sales support. The Westpac team saw a major paradigm shift after migrating to the PureCloud platform: They went from constantly waiting for a new version release or a server upgrade to simply switching things on when they needed them.

Those improved capabilities translated into better customer experiences. After the migration, Westpac saw some great improvements in its customer survey data (where customers can provide a rating after each interaction). Because it improved the experience with the new technology, customers felt more valued at the end of a call—and that’s a leading indicator for the overall Westpac consumer Net Promoter Score (NPS) outcomes.

By migrating to the PureCloud platform, Westpac has achieved important business goals: The Genesys solution has improved customer experience and NPS for the Westpac contact center, increased call flow by 100%, reduced infrastructure costs and call transfers, and enabled the bank to move from 39 siloed contact centers to a single virtual center.

Integration Made Easy

The PureCloud platform takes something that’s inherently complicated—delivering a great customer experience—and makes it simple. System deployment and integration with your existing systems is easy. Communicating with customers via chat, call, email or text isn’t complicated. Agents can seamlessly handle concurrent interactions and switch among multiple channel types simultaneously. And leveraging a robust resource center to manage your employees, instead of spending valuable time trying to manage your tools is stress-free.

And, as you grow, the PureCloud platform can grow with you—giving you the power to meet evolving customer demands with continuous feature and capability updates.

Watch the Westpac video and read the full story.