Imagine if… Customer centricity was at the heart of every interaction

Imagine if your cloud-based services enabled you to make every customer feel like your only customer. Australian personal budgeting services company MyBudget is doing just that — using customer experience innovation, powered by the Genesys® PureCloud® application, to enhance its clients’ lives.

MyBudget is dedicated to helping people live the life they want, free from money worries. Founder and Director Tammy Barton started the business from her kitchen table in 1999, and today, with more than 270 staff in 11 offices, the company manages close to AU$1 billion every year on behalf of its clients.

MyBudget is recognized as the nation’s leader in its field. It has grown 50% year-on-year and has helped more than 110,000 Australians improve their financial position. Its clients expect to connect how and when they want — via phone, messaging and social media, so MyBudget focuses on delivering rich omnichannel journeys.

Cloud-Based Customer Experience Innovation

With the company’s legacy on-premises contact center technology, customer experience innovation wasn’t realistic. Routine changes were becoming more expensive and time consuming. Potential game-changing offerings like voice authentication and voice to text were simply out of reach.

The PureCloud application changed all that. In particular, the microservices design and regular releases of new functionality appealed strongly to MyBudget.

Moving its contact center to the cloud has helped the company adapt and amplify the business. One important improvement is that response times for customers leaving messages or requesting a callback via the website have been reduced to two hours or less — well below the industry average.

The company has also introduced more intelligent routing, so different clients have different service levels. That has dramatically lowered churn rate.

Analytics Drive New Behavior

Empowered with improved reporting and analytics, MyBudget has created a better dashboard for observing and managing customer experience. For example, although Net Promoter Score (NPS) is its number one tool, with the PureCloud application, it has new metrics sitting beneath.

And these metrics are compelling: 85% of staff adhere to work schedules, up from 60% previously. In addition, they spend 85% less time on after-call work, resulting in faster response times and lower abandonment rates. Further, employees also are happier in their jobs — with satisfaction rates up from 57% to 76%.

Customer loyalty continues to climb, too. MyBudget enjoys one of the lowest churn rates and best NPS ratings in the industry, further evidenced by the fact that more customers are leaving feedback — with volumes for online reviews up by 87%. These fresh insights, coupled with staff members who are empowered by real-time collaboration, have driven a whole new set of behaviors. Now, for example, agents can quickly check and share knowledge while handling calls, resulting in more satisfactory client outcomes the first time.

The Customer Experience Promise

Genesys leads the technology revolution that puts customers and services reps in control, and MyBudget is taking advantage of the Genesys Cloud to deliver excellent customer experiences. For example, Genesys unifies all communication channels, interactions and work items through omnichannel routing — something companies can use to design, observe and tune the entire customer journey while delivering a consistent omnichannel customer experience.

Genesys call center analytics insights ensure consistent customer engagement. With its cloud solution, companies have the relevant information to effectively manage call center performance and gain a holistic view of customer journeys. And that leads to improved service levels and a consistent customer experience.

The Genesys user interface is integrated, intuitive and built for collaboration. Everything agents need is built in to automate tasks, gain insights into customer journeys and improve operational efficiencies. Agents, supervisors, managers and administrators can all use a common interface, which saves time.

MyBudget wants to reinvent the way people work with their money — believing that if you sort your finances out, it goes a long way to getting your life going the way you want it to. Its partnership with Genesys is crucial in helping the company deliver that promise to its customers. Genesys can help you deliver the best possible customer experiences, too. To learn more about the PureCloud application, take the tour. And read the story of how one MyBudget agent went out of her way to help a client.