How To Use Artificial Intelligence For Customer Service

Artificial intelligence is transforming enterprise customer service. Keeping pace with customer journeys has become even more complex because of the fast growth of channels and interactions. Bots can automate many tasks, but the human touch is critical to the best customer experience. Blended AI works with live agents to solve customer problems faster and more efficiently.

Artificial intelligence provides customers the answers they need, personalized every time. Contact center agents can engage in automated conversations with your customers across voice and digital channels. AI also assists human agents with suggestions on how to respond to customers, including insights into the customer based on sentiment analysis and previous interactions.

Learn how companies are using blended AI to improve customer service.  We have compiled resources to get you started on implementation and use cases.

7 Technologies That Will Change the Way You Engage with Customers 

Hear industry experts from Forrester Research and Amazon Web Services discuss key customer engagement technologies – artificial intelligence, Internet of Things, bots, virtual and augmented reality, voice recognition and Cloud 2.0 – and give you guidance on how to include them in your customer engagement strategy. Watch the digital customer experience trends webinar.



Meet Kate and Discover Blended AI by Genesys

Artificial intelligence is a hot topic. But when it comes to benefiting your customer experience, it’s not all science fiction. When you combine automation and AI with the power of the human touch, you can create magnificent customer experiences to propel your business goals. Watch the artificial intelligence webinar.



Don’t Put Your Customer Experience in Jeopardy! Learn About Blended AI

Businesses are focusing on improving operations and customer experience through automation across multiple departments, including marketing, customer care, and digital commerce. While automation is a major game changer, it does not magically fix all issues. Blending automation with artificial intelligence and the human touch delivers the best customer experience. Watch the blended AI customer experience webinar.

Do you want more information on AI? Meet Kate, Genesys customer experience artificial intelligence, and learn how Kate utilizes artificial intelligence, bots, microapps and more to deliver a personalized and proactive customer experience.


Blended AI by Genesys with Bot Chaining

For more perspectives, check out a new Forrester Consulting paper that offers a look at the strengths and weaknesses of both AI and humans independently, yet how blending them together can give your customers the seamless end-to-end experience they expect.