How to Modernize Your Contact Center Technology

When is it time to modernize your contact center technology and move off legacy infrastructure? The time is now or you risk falling behind in growing your business and exceeding your customers’ expectations. Updates to infrastructure and processes are vital to support a personalized omnichannel customer experience.

With the right technology, you empower your call center agents to deliver consistent experiences at every touchpoint and across all channels throughout the customer journey. Agents are more engaged, customers are happier and service is nimble enough to quickly adapt to change. How do you explain the value to your management team? Where do you start? Check out some webinars that will get you started on digital transformation and help you create the strategy.

Is Your Contact Center an Asset or Road Block to Digital Transformation?

Forrester Research has identified that high-performance companies achieve their position by becoming customer-obsessed instead of customer-led through digital transformation.  This webinar features Art Schoeller, Vice President and Principal Analyst at Forrester. Watch the Digital Transformation Webinar.



RIP Call Centers of Old – It’s Time to Bury that Aged Infrastructure!

Many legacy call center infrastructures fall short to support digital engagement with your customers. In order to drive business growth and build customer loyalty from the contact center, it’s time to consider a migration plan to support great customer experiences across all channels. Watch the panel discussion on the Legacy Call Center Webinar.



How Large Contact Centers Are Managing Risk as CCIM Vendors Struggle

It is critical for large companies to address contact center interaction management (CCIM) supplier instability when looking ahead to drive exceptional customer experiences across all channels. For many, the “wait-and-see” option is becoming less viable, especially as the focus on customer experience (CX) and digital transformation accelerate to meet customer expectations. Watch the Large Contact Center Webinar.



How a Contact Center Modernization Strategy Can Bridge the Troubled Waters of Legacy Infrastructure

There’s a big decision ahead: future-proof your customer experience strategy or stay with the legacy contact center technologies you’re used to. There’s risk in either direction and the decision-making process can seem overwhelming, yet the rewards of modernizing a contact center has epic rewards: digital transformation, amazing customer experiences and business outcomes that never seemed possible until now. Watch the Contact Center Modernization Strategy Webinar.


Need more technical details? Learn more about deployment options and migration strategies in the white paper, “The Best Way Forward for Large Avaya Contact Centers,” and watch the video below.