How AI and Workforce Management Will Optimize Employee Productivity in 2019

As we round out the year, it’s a good time to reflect on how innovation continues to advance the ways teams can deliver exceptional customer experiences. In 2018, having a solid workforce management strategy in place—and the right solution to implement it—became even more vital to ongoing success.

Innovation in customer experience is increasingly dependent upon connected and engaged employees.  Artificial intelligence (AI) plays an important role. It’s critical to employee engagement as it automates information, processes, insights, and trends within the workplace.

Automation goes beyond customer service bots and business optimization to help make employees happier, more satisfied and less likely to seek employment elsewhere. As AI-powered automation becomes a major differentiator in employee engagement, there’s a lot to consider when you build your workforce management plans for 2019. We’ve captured many insightful highlights from this year that can help guide your success.

Five Reasons for Contact Center Employee Burnout
High attrition rates within a contact center have a direct impact on sales, brand reputation, customer satisfaction, and profits. The first step to prevent rapid turnover is knowing the reasons behind it. This post from Cameron Smith offers some guidance on how to identify contact center employee burnout and how to prevent it.  Read the blog.

Moving Beyond the Hype: Generating Real Business Value with Artificial Intelligence
Empower employees to work smarter with AI and automation. Ahead of competitive offerings, they enable businesses to use AI to predict the best possible staffing schedules with unprecedented speed and accuracy, while saving time and money in the process.  Genesys Chief Product Officer Peter Graf talks about AI strategy and automation at work. Read the blog.

Ten Skills Every Customer Service Agent Should Have
With customer service agents often delivering that valuable first impression, there’s little margin for error. Today’s most successful organizations understand that how they hire and train their customer service teams can make or break their success. In this post from Chip McCoy, you’ll gain insight into how to look for and nurture the skills that agents need as customer experience becomes more focused on greater personalization and automation. Read the blog.

Planning and Managing Your Omnichannel Workforce
As customers become increasingly reliant on multiple devices and communication channels, organizations require integrated omnichannel workforce planning strategies. This includes modern infrastructure with an integrated contact center solution. Learn how to develop a productive, engaged workforce through integration, routing optimization and automated targeted training. Read the white paper.

Telenor Improves Employee Performance While Increasing Customer Satisfaction
For leading telco Telenor, it’s essential that their contact center personnel are fully equipped to achieve individual ambitions and full business potential. That means ensuring teams can successfully manage interactions across multiple communication channels through accurate forecasting, scheduling, and training. Find out how Telenor leveraged workforce management solutions to maximize the success of their contact center representatives. Read the customer story.

What to expect next year
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