Happy Customer Service Week

“The customer is always right.”

That phrase is credited to Harry Gordon Selfridge, founder of London department store Selfridge’s, in the early 1900s. It’s a mantra many companies have adopted as their own to show customers their commitment to quality service.

While I do believe customer-centricity is a hallmark of successful brands, that statement is missing something, not just because sometimes customers are wrong. But because it leaves out what I consider the most important piece of the puzzle: the employee.

In this case, I’m talking about the people who answer questions, fix account issues and make sure customers have a good experience in their hours of need. Even with the technology in place to make those tasks easier, delivering a good customer experience isn’t easy. Yet, so many loyal customers are created because of the time, attention and exceptional service they receive from support professionals.

So, this week, as we celebrate Customer Service Week — and every day hereafter — take the time to recognize and celebrate the face of your brand: your customer experience employees.

But don’t stop there.

Remember that customer success and customer experience are team sports — not jobs of a single department. Employees across your organization contribute to happy customers; celebrate those employees today and every day. When you do that, they’ll keep putting your customers first.